Morata revealed he was ‘approached’ in depression during the Chelsea stint.

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The Juventus striker has encouraged more discussions about mental health in football after revealing his Premier League struggles.

Alvaro Morata has admitted that he “came close” to suffering during his difficult season and a half at Chelsea.

Chelsea paid the club’s record of £ 58 million ($ 79m) to sign Morata at Real Madrid in 2017, but the striker did not live up to 24 goals in 72 appearances.

Morata left Chelsea for Atletico Madrid in January 2019 before joining the former Juventus club ahead of the current campaign.

According to Morata, “I’ve never been depressed, and I hope I never will, but I came closer,” Morata said in an interview. ”

“If your head is not working properly. You are your worst enemy. In those times, no matter what you do, you’re always fighting. Depression is a disease like breaking an ankle.”

Morata first saw a psychologist during his second season at Chelsea and believes to be better served by seeking immediate help.

“Just the way we train in the gym. On the field to improve our skills and tactical skills. I believe that the mind is something you should also train.” said the 28-year-old. “We have to understand that seeing a psychologist will help us.”

“Even in our generation, in recent years. It has not seemed like usual to see a psychologist. But definitely, it should be the norm.”

“If I had a professional close to him. During my first season at Chelsea. I think it would have been better for me.”

How has Morata continued since leaving Chelsea?

Morata improved his Chelsea scoring record at Atletico Madrid, netting 22 goals in 61 games before returning to Juventus.

Alvaro Morata
Alvaro Morata (Source: Talk Chelsea)

The striker has been a critical figure in Juve this season, scoring 16 goals in 34 games.
Juventus will have to decide on Morata at the end of the season, as Serie A champions have a chance to buy the Spanish international for € 45m (£ 39m / $ 53m).

Juve also has the option of extending Morata’s loan for another season by € 10m (£ 8m / $ 12m).

The Spanish striker has promised that defending champions “will fight to the end” for the tenth consecutive Scudetto.

Morata’s record for Juve this season

Morata also joined Juve from Atletico Madrid last summer on the first 12-month loan deal and has since committed to Andrea Pirlo‘s practice.

The 28-year-old has scored 15 goals in 33 games for the club this season. And provides 11 assistants but has recently returned to standard form after being sidelined with an illness.

“I missed playing so much and coming back. I will feel a little stronger: lately, I haven’t had much.”

Alvaro Morata Calls For Better Mental Health Care

Alvaro Morata has called for better mental health support in football. Saying his time at Chelsea would have been different if it had been so.

In recent years soccer has become more effective in dealing with mental health problems and depression, as it is in the rest of the world.

Stories such as that of Blackburn Rovers midfielder Tyrhys Dolan opened up about mental health problems.

Jeremy Wisten (Source: NBS news)
Jeremy Wisten (Source: NBS news)

After the death of his best friend and former Manchester City academic Jeremy Wisten, who committed suicide. He has encouraged others who are struggling with mental health.

Support is available from players in the big leagues. Still, Juventus striker Morata believes there is more to be done and thinks it will eventually become a part of football players’ lives, such as training.

“I have never been under pressure, and I hope I never will, but I got closer,” he told El Mundo while working with Spain abroad.

“If your head is not working correctly. You are your worst enemy. In those moments, no matter what you do, you’re always fighting.

“Depression is a disease like breaking an ankle.”

Commenting on the mental health that comes with their training, the former Real Madrid player added, “As we train in the gym or on the field to improve our skills and tactical skills, I believe the mind is something you have to train.

Alvaro Morata
Alvaro Morata (Source: Juvefc)

“Even in my generation, in recent years. It has not seemed as normal to see a psychologist. But of course, it has to be normal. Today it is widespread, and there will be a day when it will be compulsory. People are going through difficult times .”

Morata played for Chelsea for a season and a half before returning to Spain to play for Atletico Madrid, and things did not go well for him in the Premier League.

The 28-year-old said he believes talking to someone in the first season would be helpful. “If I had a professional near me. During my first season at Chelsea. I think it would have been better for me.”

And the Juve striker has confirmed that he currently sees a psychologist adding, “It’s not a case of me falling mentally or not. It’s about seeing someone and sharing your opinion with someone impartial, who walks away, to be honest with you.

“You have to get things out of your head to clean your mind. I’m thinking of talking to someone, and someone who can understand you is important.”

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