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Ron Snodgrass Wikipedia: Ron Snodgrass is a seasoned referee with a wealth of experience officiating NCAA football matches.

Snodgrass has recently captured the spotlight as the referee for the Texas vs. Washington game at the 2024 Sugar Bowl.

Ron Snodgrass Is The Director at Greenwood Laboratory School
Ron Snodgrass Is The Director at Greenwood Laboratory School (Source:

Graduating in 1981, he followed an academic path that led to a Bachelor’s degree at Missouri State University.

He studied Physical Education Teaching and Coaching at Missouri State from 1981 to 1986.

Simultaneously, Snodgrass delved into teaching in Springfield Public Schools, following in his father’s footsteps. As per reports, his father was also a former Springfield principal.

Subsequently, he earned a Master’s in Educational Administration and Supervision in 1991. 

He specialized in Educational Administration in 1996 and earned his Doctor of Education from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2003.

His commitment to education and leadership continued to evolve, setting the stage for his remarkable journey.

Ron Snodgrass Wikipedia

Despite his prominence in NCAA football officiating, Snodgrass lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

This article aims to fill that void by detailing the age, career highlights, and other pertinent information about the distinguished referee.

Early Life And Academia

Ron Snodgrass was born in the 1960s in Springfield, Missouri. Thus, the NCAA football official is currently in his 60s.

Snodgrass’s early life saw him deeply rooted in Springfield, Missouri, where he attended Hillcrest High School.

Professional Life

With over three decades in Springfield Public Schools, Snodgrass began as a teacher at Pleasant View.

While he taught science at Pleasant View, he was happy to coach every sport they had in the school.

His career progressed through stints as assistant principal for Jarrett Middle School and Hillcrest High School.

Ron Snodgrass Officiated The Texas vs. Washington Game At The 2024 Sugar Bowl
Ron Snodgrass Officiated The Texas vs. Washington Game At The 2024 Sugar Bowl (Source: DraftKings Network)

He returned to Pleasant View in 2001 to serve as principal for seven years.

The Springfield native then moved to Central High School as principal and worked there until 2015.

After seven years leading Central High, Snodgrass worked at Greenwood Laboratory School, where he served as interim director from July 2021.

In May 2022, he was appointed as the new director of the Greenwood Laboratory School, a position he currently holds at the Missouri State University campus.

Ron Snodgrass Officiating Career

Snodgrass’s officiating career spans decades and is marked by significant contributions as a Division I college football lead referee.

He officiated various sports in high school, including baseball, basketball, and volleyball.

He steadily climbed the ranks to become a prominent figure in college football officiating.

His noteworthy assignments include heading the officiating crew for the 2022 Sugar Bowl between Ole Miss and Baylor.

Furthermore, Snodgrass was the head official for the recent 2024 Sugar Bowl clash between Texas and Washington.

Despite his administrative responsibilities, Snodgrass continues to dedicate time to his passion for officiating college football games.

Balancing Act: The Personal Life of Ron Snodgrass Beyond the Gridiron

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ron Snodgrass maintains a fulfilling personal life.

Married to Tracy Gardner Snodgrass since 1988, the couple is parents to two of their offspring.

The Snodgrass Family Pictured In 2012
The Snodgrass Family Pictured In 2012 (Source: Facebook)

A University of Missouri graduate, Tracy is a visual art teacher at Hickory Hills Middle School.

Snodgrass’ daughter, Alexa, is a registered nurse with Mercy Springfield. He is also a grandfather to Alexa’s son, Zayden.

Likewise, his son, Samuel, is an art student at Bard Graduate Center.

In summary, the NCAA football official exemplifies a balanced and fulfilling life on and off the field.

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