Nene Dorgeles Parents And Ethnicity: Where Is He From?

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Despite having parents from Ivorian roots, Nene Dorgeles identifies himself as a Malian national.

He is a Malian professional soccer player and an attacking midfielder for the Mali national team.

His contradicting nationality and ethnic background have confused his fans about his whereabouts. 

Nene Dorgeles Taking A Breather During His Match
Nene Dorgeles Dons The Mali National Soccer Team Jersey (Source: Instagram)

Nene Dorgeles began his professional career with FC Guidars and the JMG Academy Bamako.

On January 4, 2021, Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg announced their acquisition of Dorgeles.

He inked a professional contract with the club until May 31, 2025, and became a cooperative player at Liefering.

He made his debut in professional soccer on February 12, 2021, in Liefering’s 3-1 league win over Austria Lustenau.

Then, he signed a loan agreement with SV Ried on January 27, 2022. Later, his club loaned him to the Belgian club Westerlo on June 30, 2022, for the 2022-23 season.

On March 25, 2022, he debuted his Mali national team in a 1-0 loss to Tunisia during the 2022 World Cup qualification.

Nene Dorgeles Parents: Complex Identity

While the names of Nene Dorgeles’ parents remain undisclosed, it is widely acknowledged that they hail from the Ivory Coast, establishing Dorgeles’ ethnic background as Ivorian.

As he possesses Malian citizenship, the primary source of confusion arises from the national team he currently represents.

Dorgeles is a crucial player for the Mali National Team on the global stage, leading many to assume Malian ethnicity.

However, the roots of this association can be traced back to his parents’ migration to Mali before his birth, where he came into the world in the city of Kayes. 

Nene Dorgeles Looks Unstroppable When He Starts Dribbling
Nene Dorgeles Looks Unstoppable When He Starts Dribbling (Source: Instagram)

Despite scoring a goal against Ivory Coast on February 3, 2024, Dorgeles demonstrated remarkable respect toward his parent’s homeland.

Rather than jubilant celebration, he opted for a subdued “hands up” pose, strolling across the field in a deliberate refusal to exuberantly commemorate the achievement.

Fans and pundits interpreted this gesture as a profound display of reverence by Dorgeles towards his parents’ home country.

Dorgeles’ Performance In The Africa Cup Of Nations

In February, Nene Dorgeles delivered an exceptional performance during the Africa Cup of Nations quarterfinal clash between Ivory Coast and Mali.

As a substitute for the Mali team, Dorgeles left an indelible mark by executing a remarkable goal in the 71st minute.

Displaying skill and composure, he seized control of the ball in midfield, capitalized on an opening, and unleashed an explosive dipping shot into the top corner.

Dorgeles’ goal was decisive and executed with precision, leaving the Ivory Coast goalkeeper with no opportunity to make a save.

Nene Dorgeles's Performance Against Ivory Coast Was Amazing
Nene Dorgeles Is Expected To Be An Exceptional Soccer Player For His Country & Club (Source: Instagram)

This spectacular strike etched itself as one of the tournament’s standout moments, securing a lasting place in its annals.

Despite Mali’s unfortunate loss, Dorgeles’ contribution stood out as a highlight, unparalleled in the eyes of soccer fans in Mali.

Amidst a surge of emerging talent in African soccer, Dorgeles is now the subject of widespread speculation, with fans anticipating that he may ascend to the ranks of legendary players for Mali.

His exceptional performance has set him apart, making him a potential icon for the nation in soccer.

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