NHL Draft 2023: Will Smith Sister Grace- Parents And Family

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The 2023 NHL top draft prospect, Will Smith has a sister, Grace, who is his biggest supporter.

The young center was born on March 17, 2005, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Smith, 19 year old, is 6 feet tall (184 cm) and has managed to build a frame with the necessary strength and power. It has helped him to compete at the levels of the NHL.

Moreover, he has made the world recognize his name by being in the top-10 selection in the NHL Draft.

Will Smith During A Match
Will Smith During A Match (Source: Instagram)

Will has also played and featured for the US National Team Development Program at the U18 levels.

The young kid from Kentucky showed his class as he finished the program with 51 goals.

Coming into the NHL Draft, he has been in exceptional form, with 20 points and a gold medal with the US team in the U18 Worlds.

The skills of Smith are increasing at a terrific pace and have put him on the path of the Montreal Canadiens, who are looking for such characteristics.

Will Smith Sister Grace

The details surrounding his family are very low, as he is just surfacing in the world of fame.

However, we do know he has a sister, Grace Smith, who is currently studying Biology at Boston College.

Will is also expected to join her at the institute and become the fourteenth member of his family to attend the College.

Additionally, Grace is a senior at the college and is the older sister of the young ice hockey player.

Grace, unlike her brother, is not an athlete and wants to do something in the field she is currently pursuing.

Will Smith Hanging Out With His Friends During Vacation
Will Smith Hanging Out With His Friends During Vacation (Source: Instagram)

The Smiths aren’t much involved or do not have a history in the rink, as Will Smith is the first-ever professional player.

According to reports, his father’s friend was the one who helped him to get into the game and into the house league.

The young Will, at that time, was just five years old, and the game naturally came to him, and as they say, the rest is history.

Will Smith Start Early 

The 19 year old was introduced to the world of ice hockey at the tender age of four. Reportedly, he was thrilled due to the speed and the fun the game provided.

As mentioned, he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, which may have also had an influence on him. 

The influence of the game is very large and can be felt in the area. Additionally, like many of the young boys, Smith dabbled in many sports. 

He was very involved with basketball and baseball during his childhood days. Moreover, Will also credits baseball for helping him become such a good ice hockey player.

Will Smith Entering The Rink
Will Smith Entering The Rink (Source: Instagram)

According to the center, he just translated the skills of baseball into the ice.

Smith, since a young age, had the potential to be a top-line center with a great two-way game in his arsenal. 

Also, he was always playing at top speed and had a rare type of creativity with the puck. His development of these skills has helped him produce very good offense.

Hopefully, he can reach his heights as he enters the NHL.

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