Olga Sharypova Wikipedia & Age: Alexander Zverev Ex-Girlfriend Abuse Claim & Trial

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In 2020, controversy ignited as Olga Sharypova, a former tennis player’s Wikipedia, unveiled allegations of domestic violence against Alexander Zverev.

Olga accused her ex-boyfriend, German professional tennis player Zverev, of causing physical and emotional distress during their relationship.

After Sharypova’s accusations, Zverev faced close examination, affecting his personal life and professional tennis career.

Former Junior World No. 1 Alexander Zverev
Former Junior World No. 1 Alexander Zverev (Source: Daily Express)

Zverev, a former junior world No. 1, showcased his early expertise by securing a junior significant singles title at the 2014 Australian Open.

He achieved his initial professional success by winning the Braunschweig Challenger, securing his first title with limited prior Challenger wins and no top 100 triumphs.

Rising quickly, he made history at 17 as one of the youngest Challenger Tour title winners and, as a teenager, won two ATP titles.

Zverev, reaching ATP world No. 2, presently holds the No. 6 spot, boasting a gold medal from the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 and 23 ATP titles.

Exploring Olga Sharypova Wikipedia and Unveiling Her Age

Born on July 24, 1997, in Moscow, Russia, Olga Sharypova is a 26-year-old tennis player and model.

Furthermore, she is also a photographer, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and fashion enthusiast.

While Olga denies disclosing her parents’ or siblings’ names on social media, she openly shares pictures featuring them.

As a previous tennis player, Olga has participated in various tennis events, showcasing her skills in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competitions.

Alexander Zverev Ex-Girlfriend Olga Sharypova
Alexander Zverev Ex-Girlfriend Olga Sharypova (Source: Nine Wide World Of Sports)

From a young age, Olga displayed a passion for sports, ultimately choosing tennis as her professional pursuit during high school.

Embarking on her career as a professional tennis player, Olga participated in various women’s championships, securing victories before transitioning to the fashion sector.

Renowned for her photography skills and fashion insights, Olga, as depicted on her Instagram, loves exploring new destinations with friends and family.

Additionally, she has built partnerships with several companies, showcasing her influence as a noteworthy brand ambassador.

Zverev Ex-Girlfriend: Abuse Allegations and Legal Proceedings

In 2019, Zverev and Olga had been in a romantic relationship for almost a year.

However, their connection is traced back to their early teenage years as junior tennis players.

During the preparations for the 2019 U.S. Open in New York, tennis star Alexander “Sascha” Zverev was accompanied by his girlfriend Olga. 

Olga revealed that, during their stay, Zverev covered her face with a pillow, intensifying the abuse she claimed to have endured throughout their relationship.

Olya Sharypova Accuses Alex Zverev Of Domestic Violence
Olya Sharypova Accuses Alex Zverev Of Domestic Violence (Source: NY Post)

The incident marked a significant escalation of Zverev’s controlling and possessive behavior, which had turned physically violent months prior.

Despite the escalating abuse, Olga continued her relationship with Zverev, joining him in September for the Laver Cup in Geneva.

During the event, she claimed Zverev physically assaulted her by punching her in the face, marking a distressing turning point in the alleged abuse.

Overwhelmed and sensing isolation, Olga, who is not diabetic, recounted injecting herself with insulin, an act she described as a desperate attempt to cope with the emotional turmoil.

In response to Sharypova’s accusations last year, Zverev categorically denied them, dismissing them as “simply not true” in an Instagram post in October.

Notably, Zverev’s denial lacked specific details addressing the allegations made by Olga against him.

The ATP initiated an investigation into the allegations but ultimately refrained from convicting Zverev, citing insufficient concrete evidence to substantiate the claims.

Expressing her intentions, Olga clarified that her goal is not to witness Zverev face punishment but to share her experiences truthfully.

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