Orlando Arcia Hair Transformation: Style And Color Before And After

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Orlando Arcia, the talented baseball player known for his iconic long locks, has recently undergone a dramatic transformation by cutting his hair short.

The shortstop of the Atlanta Braves, Orlando Arcia, made his MLB debut in 2016 with the Brewers. During his initial years, Arcia did attract attention because of his erratic hairstyle.

But in recent years, he has let his games become the center of attention. In recent years, he has even fended off competition for the shortstop position at Atlanta. 

Orlando Arcia During His Time At Milwaukee Brewers Went Through Series Of Hair Transformation
Orlando Arcia During His Time At Milwaukee Brewers Went Through Series Of Hair Transformation (Source: Instagram)

With teammate Max Fried, Orlando will look forward to putting rivals New York Mets to the sword and maintaining a healthy gap between the two teams in the NL East division. 

The 2021 World Champion, Arcia, has been out of the spotlight since his wrist injury on April 12. But the game against the Mets can mark his return to the MLB.

Orlando Arcia Hair Transformation And Style: Before And After 

Orlando Arcia has undergone two notable hair transformations in his career.

The first occurred when he was new to the league, where he had long hair that became a signature part of his on-field persona. However, Arcia switched things up during quarantine and cut his hair short.

In 2016, the fresh-faced Arcia had a simple hairstyle, all-black hair with a short mullet look. But in 2018, a stunning hair transformation took place for the baseballer. 

In an interview, Orlando even briefly talked about his new look.

Orlando said while in Arizona, he visited a barber shop and thought about only getting highlights at first, and then it transformed into him having platinum blonde hair on top with black hair in the roots. 

Orland Arcia Switched Back To A Simple Look In 2020 After Gaining Attention For His Long Blonde Look In 2018
Orland Arcia Switched Back To A Simple Look In 2020 After Gaining Attention For His Long Blonde Look In 2018 (Source: Instagram)

But it wasn’t only the hair color that grabbed the attention. He said whenever he would put his hair all up, his teammates would go into fits of laughter. 

With Arcia attracting too much attention with his hair, the shortstop might have just wanted to return to a clean look during the latter half of 2019. 

At the end of 2019, as he became father to twin daughters, Arcia returned to a simple hairdo. He chopped off his long hair and kept only a few streaks of his hair in gold color. 

And since then, it has remained the same and has only changed subtly this year. Now instead of his few blonde streaks of hair, Arcia now has completely short black hair. 

Family With Wife Elena Arcia And Twin Daughters

Orlando Arcia’s wife, Elena Arcia, comes from a family with roots in the Dominican Republic. 

In 2021, the proud husband shared with his Instagram followers that his wife had graduated with a degree in Psychology. 

Orlando Arcia Pictured With His Wife, Elena And Their Twin Daughters In 2022 Celebrating Elena's Birthday
Orlando Arcia Pictured With His Wife, Elena, And Their Twin Daughters In 2022 Celebrating Elena’s Birthday (Source: Instagram)

His wife was born in the United States but was raised in the Dominican Republic. She returned to the US and completed her studies at the University of Center Florida. 

Elena is an inspiration to many moms out there who might be interested in pursuing their higher studies after giving birth to their children. 

In October 2019, Elena gave birth to twin daughters, Mia and Isabella, who have since been a regular feature on their father’s Instagram handle. 

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