Otto Landrum Mom Aimee Cox And Father Erik Landrum

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Otto Landrum mom, Aimee Cox, has certainly been made popular by her basketballer son. Landrum’s Hi Mom! has gone viral all over the internet. 

The 6’9 Boston University player grew up in a town filled with 2000 people, so he never really thought he would ever become the viral sensation he is today. The video of him dancing and hooping has become one of the biggest videos on TikTok. 

The Boston University Player, Otto Landrum Has Become A Viral Sensation Across All Social Media Platform
The Boston University Player Otto Landrum Has Become A Viral Sensation Across All Social Media Platforms (Source: Instagram)

The sophomore says his mom, Aimee, didn’t realize how famous her son had become right until he went to meet his family during Christmas. He says it is unreal that even his relatives are now asking for a picture with him. 

With Otto’s mom, Aimee, living in San Diego, she can’t make it to all his games. But Landrum says she tries her best and has been one of his biggest motivators in life. 

Otto Landrum Mom Aimee Cox: The Story Behind Hi Mom

The Boston University player Otto Landrum recently talked about the story behind the viral “Hi Mom.” Landrum has become a sensation across all social media platforms. 

Otto’s video to the song Africa by Slimenese caught the attention of millions, and the video begins with him saying, Hi Mom! to the camera. Anyone who has watched the video has commented, “Why does the Hi Mom go so hard?”

Recently, in an interview with Nickel Up Media, Otto opened up about how the Hi Mom came to the making. The basketball player said the university’s videographer had approached at the beginning of the year (2023) to say something to the camera.

A Young Otto Landrum Pictured With His Mother In 2018
A Young Otto Landrum Pictured With His Mother In 2018 (Source: Facebook)

Otto told the videographer that he would think about something, and after thinking for long he decided he would just say hi to his mom. And that was the beginning of it. 

In his interview, Otto also shared that he always sends the clips to his mom after the games. The basketballer said he tries to thank his mom as much as possible, as she has been one of his biggest inspirations. 

When asked how his mother reacted to the video, the basketball player said his mother, Aimee, was chill about it and didn’t think of it much. It only hit Aimee how popular her son had become after memes about her son started showing up on her feed. 

Otto also shared that his mom had started texting that her friend’s kids wanted to record a video with him. 

Aimee Cox Tries To Make It To Her Son’s Games

Otto’s mom, Aimee Cox, lives in San Diego, California. So, she can’t make it to all his games as it takes six hours to reach Otto’s place from the flight.

But Otto appreciates that his mom tries her best to attend his games. He also shared that his mom arranges watch parties back in San Diego.

Aimee is a graduate of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. She completed her undergraduate degree in communication in 1994 and later earned her master’s degree in sociology in 2003.

Otto And Aimee Pictured During The Turkey Trot Race In 2018
Otto And Aimee Pictured During The Turkey Trot Race In 2018 (Source: Facebook)

She is a senior advisor at National Healthcare & Housing Advisors and previously worked as a Chief Impact and Strategy Officer at the Regional Task Force on Homelessness. 

Previously, Aimee was the CEO of Community Health Partnership COS and worked for the City of Colorado Springs for 14 years. It is also stated on Boston University’s page that Aimee was a track runner and was invited to participate in the Junior Olympics and Nationals.

Otto Landrum Dad Erik Landrum 

Otto’s dad, Erik Landrum, and his mom, Aimee Cox, are separated. Erik is married to a woman named Melissa Laveirge. 

On his Facebook handle, the proud dad Erik has shared clips of his son balling out on the basketball court. He previously shared a video of Erik and captioned the post, “Nerd alert!”

Otto Landrum Pictured With His Dad Erik Landrum Last Year
Otto Landrum Pictured With His Dad Erik Landrum Last Year (Source: Facebook)

Erik lives in Cascade, Colorado, and previously worked at the United States Air Force Academy. Otto also has an older sibling named Cheyne Pearl Landrum. 

She is a graduate of MiraCosta College, and like her parents, she has shared several photos with her little brother on her Facebook handle

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