P Rod Girlfriend: Who Is The Skateboarder Dating?

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P Rod previous girlfriend, Rachel Metz, had previously talked in detail about their seven-year-long relationship. Their relationship ended during the height of the pandemic. 

The American skateboarder P Rod had featured Rachel in several of his YouTube videos, and so had Rachel.

The two even bought a house, but after their breakup, Rachel moved out. She was living in the house with Paul and his daughter Heaven.

Paul Rodriguez In His Recent Video Shared He Was Close To Giving Up On Skateboarding
Paul Rodriguez In His Recent Video Shared He Was Close To Giving Up On Skateboarding (Source: Instagram)

It’s been three years since their breakup, and since then, Paul hasn’t been linked to anyone new. He has recently posted a Life Update video, where he watched an old video of him saying he had lost his passion for skateboarding.

In the present time, P Rod could be seen thanking god for bringing him out of the troubled time. 

P Rod Girlfriend: Who Is The Skateboarder Dating?

The American skateboarder, P Rod, hasn’t been linked romantically for the past few years. In 2020, he had a public breakup with DIY YouTuber Rachel Metz.

The couple had been dating for seven years before their breakup. It was Metz who shared the news of her breakup with the skateboarder on her Instagram handle. 

Metz wrote she was dealing with many emotions and in a video titled “DIY Tiny She Shed Workshop Makeover + Life Update, Metz shared that she was moving out of her and Paul’s house on her 30th birthday. 

Since 2015, when Metz subscribers started growing, they had only seen her with Paul. The two had been dating since 2013, and Metz had featured in videos shared by Paul on his YouTube channel. 

P Rod And His Former Girlfriend Rachel Metz Pictured In 2019
P Rod And His Former Girlfriend Rachel Metz Pictured In 2019 (Source: Facebook)

Last year in October, Rachel shared a TikTok video, giving an update about her trailer renovation. She said she began renovating the trailer after moving out from her and Paul’s home. 

She shared the trailer renovation ended up renovating her. Rachel talked about her relationship with Paul on the Off The Record podcast recorded before their break up. Rachel had talked about the beginning stages of her relationship with Paul and how supportive he had been in her life. 

Before his relationship with Rachel, Paul was in a relationship with a woman named Rainbow, with whom he shares a daughter, Heaven Love.

P Rod Family 

The skateboarder grew up with his mother, Laura Martinez. His father, Paul Rodriguez Sr., is a famous Mexican-American actor and stand-up comedian. 

The stand-up comedian divorced P-Rod’s mom when he was only two. But he played an active role in raising his son. But as his wife would say, it was the wrong way. 

Paul Sr would try to buy his son’s love. He would give him various gifts. He even bought him golf clubs, hoping his son could become the next Tiger Woods. 

P Rod And His Dad, Paul Rodriguez Didn't Have The Best Relationship
P Rod And His Dad, Paul Rodriguez, Didn’t Have The Best Relationship (Source: Instagram)

P-Rod wasn’t interested in golfing and didn’t use any of the golf clubs bought by his dad. Instead, he asked him to buy him a skateboard. Paul Sr gave P-Rod his first skateboard at age 12 as a Christmas gift, and that was the best investment he ever made. 

At first, Paul Sr and Laura didn’t like the idea of Paul surviving as a skateboarder. But he promised he would make it big in the skateboarding industry. 

Previously, in a YouTube video in 2012, Paul had shown his family, including his daughter, Heaven. He opened up about the importance and influence of his family. 

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