Ravens New DC Zach Orr Net Worth 2024: Salary & Contract

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The new Ravens defensive coordinator, Zach Orr, net worth is about $1.5 million. Orr began his career with the Ravens in 2014, but not as a coach. 

The Ravens picked up Orr after going undrafted. He played for them for three seasons before retiring at 24. An injury against the Steelers in Week 16 led to a medical discovery that Orr suffered from a rare spinal condition.

The Ravens Announced They Were Promoting Zach To DC On February 1
The Ravens Announced They Were Promoting Zach To DC On February 1 (Source: Twitter)

But if one door closed on him, another opened. He went from being a Ravens player to their coach. Orr started his coaching career as a personnel assistant with the Ravens. 

He has previously coached the outside linebackers team with the Jaguars and returned to Baltimore in 2022 as their inside linebackers coach. Now, at age 31, Zach has become the second-youngest defensive coordinator in the NFL after the Cardinals’ Nick Rallis, 30.  

Ravens New DC Zach Orr Net Worth

The Baltimore Ravens coach Zach Orr has a net worth of $1.5 million. A young coach, Zach’s coaching career began right after his playing career ended at age 24.

His first coaching job was with the team that drafted him, the Ravens, in 2017. A former college football player at North Texas, Orr was an undrafted free agent in 2014. 

The Ravens signed Orr on a three-year, $1.5 million contract, including a $3000 signing bonus, with an average annual salary of $500,000.

He spent his rookie season with the special teams, and the same repeated in his second season. In his third season in 2016, Orr played and started 15 games. He led the team with 132 tackles, including 7.5 for loss. 

Orr had three interceptions, five passes defended, one forced fumble, and two fumble recoveries. At the end of the season, Zach made it to the second-team All-Pro team.

The Ravens DC's Playing Career Prematurely Ended At Age 24 In 2017
The Ravens DC’s Playing Career Prematurely Ended At Age 24 In 2017 (Source: Twitter)

But his career ended after it was discovered he suffered from a congenital spine/neck condition. Soon after his retirement, Orr joined the Ravens coaching team. 

He joined the Ravens as their coaching and personnel assistant. Within two seasons, Orr went from personnel assistant to defensive coaching analyst. Previously, it was reported that people in the coaching analyst position make a salary between $35,000-$70,000. 

In 2018, it was reported that LSU was offering its top analysts about $70,000. So, it won’t be surprising if Orr was making the same amount with the Ravens. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars came calling for Orr’s services in the 2021 season. The Jaguars hired him as their outside linebackers coach. An outside linebackers coach can range vastly from their experience and their team.

Some top college football teams have previously handed over up to $1 million to linebackers coaches. In 2017, it became huge news when the former Alabama outside linebackers’ coach Tosh Lupoi’s $950,000 salary was revealed.

After coaching the Jaguars for one season, Zach returned to Baltimore. He became their inside linebackers coach and has now become their defensive coordinator. 

Some of the most experienced defensive coordinators easily earn up to $3 million. Zach still has time to hit those numbers, but the Ravens did face competition to retain Zach as the Packers challenged to take him away from Baltimore. 

Why Did Zach Orr Retire Early? 

Just when it looked like Orr’s career had taken off, the doctors discovered something was wrong with him.

After a strong third season, Orr looked like a mainstay with the team, but that couldn’t happen. In Week 16, during a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Zach suffered from two herniated discs near the end of the game near the top of his vertebrae.

The Ravens medical staff urged Orr to undergo a head-to-toe CAT scan. And the CAT scan essentially saved his life. 

Zach Orr's Coaching Career Began Only Few Days After Announcing His Retirement As A Player
Zach Orr’s Coaching Career Began Only A Few Days After Announcing His Retirement As A Player (Source: Twitter)

It revealed that Orr suffered a congenital spine/neck condition, a rare spinal condition he was born with. The doctors told him if he had taken one hit the wrong way, his C-1 could have exploded and died on the spot. 

In his Players’ Tribune, Zach revealed he was negotiating an upgraded contract with the Ravens before the injury. So, when the doctors told him he couldn’t ever play again, he felt like his world had collapsed. 

But in his later interview, Zach said he felt blessed and thankful that his medical problem was identified on time. Orr said he felt grateful walking away from the game in good health.  

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