Riley Heidt Parents LeeAnn And Trent Heidt: Family Tree

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Riley Heidt parents have been a constant source of motivation and inspiration for him. On top of that, they have always stood as the firm pillar of support in his life.

Riley Heidt’s parents are both former hockey players, and they have shared a lot of their lessons with him. 

But, it is also his sheer work ethic that has helped him to become the star that he is today.

Riley Heidt In the Middle Of A Game
Riley Heidt In A Game (Source: Instagram)

Riley is a 19-year-old Canadian ice hockey player. He began his hockey career by competing for the Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association. 

Even though he has not yet entered into a professional contract, the Minnesota Wild selected him in the second round of the 2023 NHL Entry Draft as 64th overall.

Heidt represented Canada at the 2023 World U18 Championships and won a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2022 Hlinka-Gretzky Cup.

Riley Heidt Parents LeeAnn And Trent Heidt Family Tree

Hockey is something that runs in the blood of the Heidt family. We can say that almost everyone in Riley’s family has played hockey at some point in their lives.

Riley was born into the household of LeeAnn Heidt and his father Trent Heidt. LeeAnn is an outstanding ringette and hockey player who has proudly represented Canada on the international ringette stage.

On top of that, she also has a deep love for horse racing and can be found at horse racing tracks once in a while.

Riley Heidt Parents Mother Leann And Father Trent
Riley Heidt’s Parents, Mother Leann, And Father Trent (Source: Youtube)

Similarly, Riley’s father has also been an avid hockey player. He played a lot while growing up in the Knights zone. Trent is an Independent Business Owner at Heidt Enterprises, as per his LinkedIn profile. 

In an interview, Riley’s mother recalled when she took him to a hockey game when he was just eight years old. She mentioned that it was at that game that she realized he would be a great player.

LeeAnn claims that her son’s work ethic has always been second to none, as he would always reach the ice before six in the morning to begin practicing. 

Riley Heidt Siblings: Brother Trevor, And Sister Miranda

Riley is the youngest among the Heidt children, as he has an older brother named Trevora and an older sister named Miranda.

Tyler was born on November 7, 1998, making the age gap between the two brothers almost seven years.

The older brother is also a hockey player and currently plays for Merrimack College in the Boston region. Tyler has been dating Leah Marie since 2015.

Riley Heidt Sister (Left) And Brother With Girlfriend (Right)
Riley Heidt Sister (Left) And Brother With Girlfriend (Right) (Source: Instagram)

The other sister, Miranda, went to Holy Cross High School in Saskatoon and is currently pursuing her higher education at Edwards School of Business since 2020. 

She loves to follow all the current trends when it comes to fashion which can be seen through her Instagram profile. 

Regarding her love life, she is currently dating NHL star Kaiden Guhle who plays for the Montreal Canadiens. 

Both of Riley’s siblings love and support him. Riley credits everything he is today to his siblings and parents. 

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