Rocco Caputo Obituary: Wrigley Field Renowned Beer Vendor Dies

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Rocco Caputo Obituary: With profound sadness, we announce the passing of Rocco Caputo, an esteemed Wrigley beer vendor with a remarkable tenure spanning over 40 years.

Continuing a cherished family tradition, Rocco faithfully worked the stands at Cubs games since the mid-1980s.

Rocco’s national recognition soared when he became a focal point on the “Undercover Boss” TV show.

Wrigley Beer Vendor Rocco Caputo Dies At 56
Wrigley Beer Vendor Rocco Caputo Dies At 56 (Source: Facebook)

Rocco Caputo’s journey into the world of ballpark vending began at 16 when he started selling soda.

Later, in 1988, he transitioned to becoming a beer vendor, continuing a family tradition deeply ingrained in Wrigley Field.

The Caputo legacy at Wrigley Field runs deep, with Rocco’s father, a union boss and vendor, dedicating an impressive 60 years of service to the iconic North Side ballpark.

In fact, the Caputo family’s connection to the field spans generations, creating a profound and enduring bond with the historic venue.

Rocco himself became a local celebrity, recognized for his distinctive Chicago accent, infectious smile, and warm demeanor.

As he traversed the stands, the air echoed with the cheers of fans calling out his name, a testament to his impact on the Wrigley Field community.

For over four decades, Rocco faithfully served Cubs fans, and despite the passage of time, he expressed no intention of retiring anytime soon.

Wrigley Beer Vendor Death Cause

In a poignant turn of events, the beloved beer vendor who graced Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park passed away on Tuesday, December 26, 2023.

Rocco Caputo, a stalwart presence at the ballparks for over four decades, succumbed to complications arising from a recent liver transplant.

Despite an initial hopeful period of recovery, the intricate nature of the surgery led to insurmountable challenges for Rocco.

The Chicago Cubs Fans Are Saddened By The Demise Of Rocco Caputo
The Chicago Cubs Fans Are Saddened By The Demise Of Rocco Caputo (Source: Facebook)

A diminutive figure in stature but a giant in resilience, Rocco’s tenacity mirrored his father’s spirited legacy.

His dad, a larger-than-life character, would cruise in a vibrant red Corvette, adorned in vivid attire and puffing on a cigarette from a holder reminiscent of Douglas Fairbanks.

While Rocco departed from his father’s flamboyant style, he etched his lasting impression on the hearts of those who knew him.

Though quiet but unfailingly amiable, Rocco’s friendly presence defined his over 40-year tenure at the ballpark.

He may have been small, but Rocco’s life was monumental, especially evident in his starring role on “Undercover Boss.”

Beyond the TV screen, the tight-knit vending community will remember Rocco for his on-screen prominence and as one of its most cherished members.

Rocco Caputo Obituary: Community Unites in Tribute

A cherished member of Oak Lawn, Illinois, the community comes together to grieve the departure of a revered patriarch, Rocco Caputo, Sr.

Rocco Caputo peacefully departed this life on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, at the age of 56.

His remarkable journey, defined by unwavering resilience and an abiding connection to family, imprints an enduring legacy on the hearts of all fortunate enough to have known him.

Rocco Caputo Dies Of Complication From Liver Transplant
Rocco Caputo Dies Of Complication From Liver Transplant (Source: dignitymemorial)

Family and friends are invited to join in a heartfelt tribute during the visitation for Rocco on Tuesday, January 2, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Blake-Lamb Funeral Home will host the visitation at 4727 West 103rd Street, Oak Lawn, IL 60453.

A meaningful Funeral Service will take place at 6:00 PM within the comforting walls of Blake-Lamb Funeral Home.

This service will provide a time for reflection, sharing memories, and offering condolences to the bereaved.

During this mourning period, the community is encouraged to come together to celebrate Rocco’s life, support one another, and find solace in the shared cherished memories.

May this gathering be a testament to Rocco’s impact on the lives of those who knew and loved him.

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