Rodrigo Riquelme Parents: Mother Yolanda Reche And Father

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Rodrigo Riquelme credits his parents for all his achievements so far and for everything coming in the near future. The young soccer star believes that nothing would’ve been possible if it wasn’t for his family.

A new name that appears constantly in the Spanish soccer realm is that of Rodrigo Riquelme.

However, many are not aware of the ordeals he, his parents along his brother had to go through during their early years.

Atletico Madrid Player Rodrigo Riquelme
Atletico Madrid Player Rodrigo Riquelme (Source: Instagram)

Rodrigo Riquelme Reche is a 24-year-old soccer player from Spain. He is a winger who occasionally plays as a central attacking midfielder.

Rodrigo hails from the capital of Spain, Madrid, and joined the Atletico Madrid youth system at a young age. Previously, he played in the academies of Zaragoza and Rayo Vallecano.

Furthermore, he built his experience through loans with English side Bournemouth and Spanish clubs Mirandes and Girona.

His excellent display on loans won the heart of the infamous Diego Simeone. El Cholo called him back to the first team for the 2023-24 season.

Moreover, commonly known as Roro by his teammates and close ones, he scored his first senior goal in a friendly against Numancia. He is a permanent name on the squad and mostly plays the role of a substitute as things stand.

Who Are The Parents Of Rodrigo Riquelme? More On His Family

Rodrigo Riquelme is the second son of Yolanda Reche, however, his father’s name is not out in the public. We do think there are some reasons behind it, which we will dive into below.

Rodrigo’s mother, Yolanda, is a fitness expert, she is a personal trainer and currently a Sports Coach, as per her Instagram.

Although we don’t know her exact age, she celebrates her birthday on 9 April.

Rodrigo With His Parents
Rodrigo With His Parents (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Yolanda is the rock of the family and the force that drives the Riquelme household, especially with her husband battling a severe disease for a long time.

Yes, Rodrigo’s father suffered a serious disease for a long time. However, he fought against it with all his might and the support of his family.

Moreover, he is fine now and enjoying life, playing golf with his son during the summer, Rodrigo posted a heartfelt message on his Instagram appreciating his father’s willpower. He was also present at his son’s Bournemouth presentation.

Rodrigo’s Brother Was Also A Soccer Player

Rodrigo’s older brother Alejandro Riquelme also has a history in soccer. Both siblings played together as kids in soccer academies.

Furthermore, Alejandro also played in the Atletico Madrid youth setup and played in other minor leagues. However, he couldn’t make it to the big stage like his younger brother.

Rodrigo And His Brother Alejandro
Rodrigo And His Brother Alejandro (Source: Instagram)

Alejandro is 25-year old and celebrates his birthday on 6 December.

Moreover, he has studied Business at Schiller University and has a master’s degree in Sports Management and is also a Sports Coach like his mother.

The Riquelme brothers are very close and showcase immense support towards each other on their Instagram.

Will Roro Succeed At Atletico Madrid?

With the advent of the new 2023-24 season, there are many young potentials who are seeking a proper breakthrough.

Atletico Madrid is also set to give a proper stage for their homegrown talent Roro to erupt.

Moreover, their native rivals, Real Madrid, boast young talents like Jude Bellingham and Eduardo Camavinga.

It is not a shock to see them go neck on neck and promote Rodrigo to his best.


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