Rohan Dennis Mental Health: Was It The Reason For Murder Of His Wife?

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Rohan Dennis mental health has been questioned after he was charged with his wife’s murder. The Australian cyclist has previously talked about mental health issues, due to which he pulled out of the 2019 Tour de France.

Only a few days before Melissa’s demise, Rohan had shared a family snap of him and Melissa with their two young kids in front of their Christmas tree. Several such photos are on Rohan’s Instagram.

Dennis Has Shared A Christmas Family Photo Days Before His Wife's Demise
Dennis Shared A Christmas Family Photo Days Before His Wife’s Demise (Source: Instagram)

In August, he was nominated for Sports Dad of The Year. He shared a photo of his kids joining him on the podium as a celebratory post for the nomination. It almost looked like Rohan and Melissa were living the perfect life. 

But in a matter of a few hours, everything has changed. South Australian police confirmed the two-time Olympian Melissa Dennis died after she was struck by a car in Adelaide’s inner north. 

Dennis has been charged with causing the death of his wife by dangerous driving, driving without due care, and endangering life. Dennis has been bailed to appear in the Adelaide Magistrates Court in March.

Rohan Dennis Mental Health: The Reason For His Wife’s Murder?

Many believe Rohan Dennis had mental health issues, leading him to murder his wife. But this may or may not be entirely accurate as there have been no reports of the cyclist undergoing any medical health checkups in the last few months. 

Mental health issues can’t be detected easily. Even some of the happiest people we meet could be going through a difficult time, with most of them choosing to mask their troubles with a smile on their faces. 

Previously, the Australian cyclist has talked about his mental health struggles. In 2019, Dennis revealed he walked out of the Tour de France due to personal family reasons. 

Rohan said he was afraid his marriage would be ruined by his reactions to the team environment. At the time, Dennis had been sacked by Bahrain-Merida and had joined Ineos in the 2020 season.

Dennis Said He Has Had Conversation About Mental Health Struggles With His Wife
Dennis Said He Has Had Conversation About Mental Health Struggles With His Wife (Source: Instagram)

When asked about his exit, Dennis said, “Personal family reasons between the person I was becoming due to the situations I was put under, or the environment that I was in that was causing me to be, let’s just say, not a good or a happy person to be around.”

He revealed he had a frank conversation with his wife, Melissa, about how he was handling work before the Tour of Switzerland in June. 

The cyclist had also said he worked with his personal sports psychologist, David Spindler, after the Tour. He acknowledged that after joining Ineos, he was in a better place mentally.

But could the mental health battle in his professional career from four years ago translate into him murdering his wife? The question remains unanswered, and it will depend on the statement made by Dennis in March. 

Dennis And Hoskins Married Life 

Rohan Dennis and Melissa Hoskins tied the knot in 2018. The two looked like a perfect match as they came from the same profession, thinking they could understand each other’s struggles. 

In their five years of marriage, Rohan and Melissa had two kids. One of their first kids, Oliver, was born in October 2018. Throughout the years, Rohan has shared several family photos on his Instagram handle

Many of those photos included Oliver visiting his mom and dad during their cycling events. He also used to share several snaps of their kids playing with their family dog. 

The Australian Cyclists Had Two Kids From Their Five Years Marriage
The Australian Cyclists Have Two Kids From Their Five Years Of Marriage (Source: Instagram)

In 2021, the couple had their second child, a baby girl. Earlier this year, in February, Rohan shared a tribute post for his wife and his professional career, hinting at retirement. 

He wrote, “Thank you, Melissa (tagging her Instagram handle), for supporting me throughout my entire professional career, all while raising two of the best kids I could ever ask for.

Cycling, you have given me a lot, and I will be grateful. It is still a long season ahead. However, it will definitely be my last as a professional.”

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