Rudi Völler Family: Wife Sabrina Voeller And Kids

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Former professional soccer player Rudi Völler has been married to his wife, Sabrina Adducci, for nearly three decades. Together, they have a family of five with three kids.

Born and raised in West Germany, Rudi met Sabrina while playing for Roma in the Italian soccer league Serie A in the early nineties. Sabrina already had a child from her previous relationship at that time.

Although initially hesitant, Sabrina dated Rudi for around five years before tying the knot in 1995. Since then, the couple has been residing in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Former German Professional Soccer Player Rudi Voller
Former German Professional Soccer Player Rudi Völler (Source: Wikipedia)

Rudolf Völler, better known as Rudi, is a former German international soccer player and manager. He is currently the director and interim manager of the German national soccer team.

He debuted for his senior national team in 1982, after which he played in 90 international matches, scoring 47 goals in all competitions.

Völler won the World Cup with West Germany in 1990. Aside from that, he played professional soccer league for nearly two decades across Europe for various clubs, including 1860 Munich, Roma, and Olympique Marseille.

The German Football Association appointed him the director of the German national team in February 2023.

Rudi Völler Family: Wife Sabrina Voller And Kids

The former German soccer forward Rudi Völler is married to his wife, Sabrina Adducci Voller. Rudi met Sabrina while he was in Rome playing for the Serie A club Roma in the nineties.

In an interview with a German tabloid newspaper, Bild, Sabrina said they knew each other through German soccer player Thomas Berthold, their mutual acquaintance.

Thomas moved to Italy in 1989 to join Rudi at AS Roma, and during his stint with the club, he resided with his wife Heike in Sabrina’s parents’ home in Rome.

Rudi Voller And His Wife Sabrina
Rudi Völler  And His Wife, Sabrina (Source: Alamy)

At that time, Sabrina’s first marriage was on the verge of breaking up, and Thomas knew well about it. At his 30th birthday party in 1990, Rudi asked about the matter directly to Sabrina, after which she found out that Thomas was talking about her to Völler.

After some time, the two began dating and continued dating each other for five years before exchanging vows in 1995. After their union, Sabrina gave birth to three kids-two sons and a daughter.

Besides, Rudi already had two children from his previous relationship. Sabrina also had a daughter from her last marriage.

More On Völler’s Kids

Rudi Völler’s oldest son, Marco, was born on January 6, 1989, to Angela Völler in Offenbach am Main, Germany. 

Growing up, he played soccer and basketball but eventually chose basketball for his professional sports career. He last played as a forward for the Skyliners Frankfurt of the German Pro A.

Besides Marco, Rudi and Angela gave birth to a daughter named Laura in 1988. 

Rudi Voller's Oldest Son Marco
Rudi Völler’s Oldest Son, Marco (Source: Sport1)

Likewise, Sabrina and Rudi’s eldest son, Kevin, is a professional soccer player in Germany.

A product of Bayer Leverkusen, Kevin has played for many professional clubs, including SC Dusseldorf West, KFC Uerdingen, and Jahn Dinslaken-Hiesfeld. He mainly plays as a midfielder.

Rudi’s youngest son, Bryan, was previously a soccer player for Bayer 04, but he left the game to focus on his higher education in Paris. 

Unfortunately, there is no substantial information about Rudi’s other daughter, Greta, except that she was born to Sabrina in 1991 from her previous relationship in Italy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are Rudi Völler Family from?

Rudi Völler Family are from Germany. 

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