Rylen Reid Hair Loss: Does The Volleyball Player Have Cancer?

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The college athlete was seen losing her hair, and lately, she was seen with a bald look. This drastic hair loss made fans assume that Rylen Reid suffered from cancer.

Rylen posted a picture of her bald look on Instagram on February 14, 2022, further fueling the speculations.

However, among the rumors, Rylen Reid made it clear that she is suffering from alopecia. The main point is that the young college athlete is not suffering from cancer.

Northwestern University Student Rylen Reid
Northwestern University Student Rylen Reid (Source: Instagram)

Rylen Reid is a collegiate volleyball player for Northwestern University. She previously played at Florida Gulf Coast University.

After playing a season at Florida, she moved closer to home in May 2023 with three years of college eligibility remaining.

Prior to her college career, she played basketball at Fremd High School. Playing for the varsity team, she was named the West Co-Player of the Year, All-Conference, and All-Area.

Additionally, she also played for Adversity Volleyball Club on the Adidas 18 squad.

Rylen Reid Hair Loss: Does The Volleyball Player Have Cancer?

In her social media post, Rylen Reid bared her soul and shared her intimate battle with alopecia, a condition that has tested the strength of her spirit but never her radiant smile.

The world may have witnessed the gradual disappearance of her once-flowing locks, but what lies beneath truly matters.

Hair is a hard thing to lose, she confessed, her words echoing with the weight of the countless nights she’s spent tracing her fingers over the smooth canvas of her scalp.

But as the sunlight streamed through her open window, revealing a hint of golden warmth in her sparkling eyes, Rylen’s post was a poignant reminder that true beauty transcends the superficial.

Rylen Reid During Her Practice Session
Rylen Reid During Her Practice Session (Source: Instagram)

She gave voice to her gratitude, dedicating her words to all those who’ve stood by her side, unwavering, through her journey.

“This goes out to every person that has made me smile and feel good regardless of my hair,” she wrote, her heart echoing in each word.

The friends who laughed with her under the sun, the family that held her close, and the strangers whose kindness lit up her darkest days – these are the pillars of her strength, her identity, and the reason she remains unbroken in the face of adversity.

Rylen’s Instagram post is a testament to her resilience, an ode to the inner beauty that shines brighter than any crown of hair ever could.

It’s a gentle reminder to us all that the essence of who we are extends far beyond our outward appearances, and the true treasure lies in the love we give and receive, regardless of the battles we face.

So, let us all draw inspiration from Rylen Reid, a woman whose spirit radiates with grace and whose journey teaches us that the heart is the mirror in which our truest selves are reflected.

Rylen Reid Family

Rylan Reid was born to parents, Maura and Kyle Reid on February 6, 2004. She has three siblings, Teagen, Baylen, and Breslen Reid.

She comes from a family deeply rooted in the world of volleyball. Her mother, Maura, was a collegiate volleyball player at Eastern Illinois University. Similarly, her father, Kyle Reid, made a significant impact as a coach.

Rylen Reid With Her Parents At Her High School Graduation
Rylen Reid With Her Parents At Her High School Graduation (Source: Instagram)

Kyle achieved remarkable success, guiding the Buffalo Grove boys’ volleyball team to an impressive 136-55 record between 1997 and 2001.

Under his leadership, the team clinched two sectional titles and made two appearances at the state level, securing a fourth-place finish in 1998.

Furthermore, he continued his coaching journey by contributing as an assistant coach at Benet Academy.

There, he played a crucial role in elevating the team’s performance under head coach Brad Baker.

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