Sarra Kemp Age And Wikipedia: All About Chris Hoy Wife

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Chris Hoy’s wife, Sarra Kemp, was born in Scotland in 1984, making her forty years old. She is a former senior lawyer in Scotland.

Chris recently took to Instagram to share about his medical condition. He revealed that he had cancer and was undergoing treatment for cancer.

The 47-year-old said that despite not having any symptoms, the heartbreaking diagnosis came in 2023 during a routine check-up.

Hoy took to Instagram to break the news to his fans, posting: “I have a bit of news.

Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer, which came as a huge shock, having had no symptoms up to that point. I’m currently receiving treatment, including chemotherapy, which thankfully is going really well.

Chris Hoy, A Former Cyclist
Chris Hoy, A Former Cyclist (Source: Instagram)

Christopher Andrew Hoy is a retired track cyclist and racing driver from Scotland.

During his career, he represented Great Britain at the Olympic and World Championships and Scotland at the Commonwealth Games.

Moreover, he has won 11 world championships, six Olympic gold medals, and one silver medal. With a total of seven Olympic medals, he ranks as the second most decorated Olympic cyclist of all time.

Sarra Kemp Age And Wikipedia: All About Chris Hoy Wife

Chris Hoy’s wife, Sarra, was born in Scotland in 1984 and is currently forty years old.

They married at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh in 2010. Before starting a family, Sarra pursued a career as a senior lawyer.

Sarra has been a steadfast supporter throughout Chris’s journey, especially during his triumphs and challenges in cycling.

In a 2012 interview, Chris expressed gratitude, acknowledging Sarra’s support and understanding of his commitment to the sport.

Chris Hoy's Wife Sarra Kemp Age Is Forty
Chris Hoy’s Wife, Sarra Kemp Age Is Forty (Source: Instagram)

Previously, Sarra worked as a lawyer but prioritized her children, both born prematurely, over her career.

She is now a dedicated advocate for parental care, particularly for families facing premature births. Sarra is actively involved with Bliss, a charity providing crucial support and information to parents in neonatal units.

As a brand ambassador for Bliss, Sarra helps empower families during challenging times, offering them guidance and emotional support when they need it most.

Chris Hoy And Sarra Kemp Has Two Kids

Sir Chris Hoy and his wife, Lady Sarra, have two children, both born prematurely.

Their son, Callum, was born on October 15, 2014, 11 weeks ahead of schedule, weighing only 2lbs 2oz.

Sarra Kemp With Her Children
Sarra Kemp With Her Children (Source: Instagram)

He spent the first 60 days in neonatal care but grew into a healthy toddler. In 2017, Sarra gave birth to their daughter Chloe, who arrived four weeks early.

Both children are now healthy toddlers and enjoying their childhood.

Chris Hoy Diagnosed With Cancer

On February 17, 2024, Chris Hoy made a heartfelt revelation on his Instagram account, disclosing his battle with cancer since 2023.

Chris has had cancer since 2023 and didn’t reveal until yesterday. He initially intended to keep his diagnosis private but felt compelled to share the news.

Chris Hoy's Instgram Post
Chris Hoy’s Instagram Post (Source: Instagram)

Despite the challenging circumstances, Hoy conveyed optimism for the future, revealing that he is undergoing treatment.

He said that he is currently receiving treatment, including chemotherapy, which thankfully is going really well.

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