Shohei Darvish Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is Yu Darvish Son?

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As a star in MLB, Yu Darvish’s popularity extends to fans curious about his son Shohei Darvish and his age. Additionally, fans are interested in knowing his Wikipedia and if he plays baseball.

The Japanese pitcher has endeared himself to the North American baseball faithful with his fun-loving personality and immaculate gameplay.

Playing professionally for nearly two decades, his personal life is also as interesting as his skill set in the field.

San Diego Padres Star Pitcher Yu Darvish
San Diego Padres Star Pitcher Yu Darvish (Source: The Japan Times)

Yu Darvish was born on August 16, 1986, in Osaka, Japan. He was born to a Japanese mother and an Iranian father, making his ethnicity mixed.

Darvish began his baseball career while just studying in second grade as a member of the Habikino Boys. Consequently, he became a star pitcher for school Tohoku High.

Following, he began his professional career in 2005 with Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in Japan. He would spend 6 years playing for them.

After achieving premier accolades in Japanese baseball, Darvish moved over to MLB, signing for the Texas Rangers for the 2012 season.

Ever since his transcontinental move, Darvish has been an ace pitcher in the league. Additionally, he has featured for franchises like Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs.

Presently, he plays for the San Diego Padres. As one of the most talented players in the game, Darvish has earned a significant amount of fame and fortune in his career.

This is evidenced by his hugely popular Instagram account (@darvishsefat11), which boasts over a million followers.

Yu Darvish Son Shohei Darvish Age And Wikipedia

Yu Darvish’s eldest son Shohei Darvish is 16 years of age.

Additionally, his date of birth is March 24, 2008. We can deduce this from his mother Saeko’s Instagram post in 2018 wishing him Happy Birthday on his 10th birthday.

In the post, Saeko shared a heartwarming post captioning, “His (Shohei’s) presence has always been my heart’s support and made me strong.”

Undoubtedly, Shohei already looks set to continue his father’s legacy after a clip of him throwing a pitch and practicing did the rounds on the internet.

Yu Darvish Watches In The Background As His Son Shohei Is Practicing
Yu Darvish Watches As His Son Shohei Is Practicing (Source: X)

In said clip, Yu is seen watching how his son goes about his pitching with interest. The video excited baseball fans, with people claiming he has an astonishing arm speed.

According to his profile on the Perfect Game website, Shohei attended IMG Academy as his high school. Additionally, he is 5’11” in height and weighs 175 pounds.

He has not committed to any college but has offers from esteemed institutions like UCLA, Vanderbilt, and Oregon. It will be interesting to see where he chooses to go to further his baseball career.

The last baseball team Shohei featured for was CBA Victus, based out of San Diego. As a motivating and supportive father, Yu has played a key role in Shohei’s development as a baseball player and a person.

Needless to say, Yu assists his son with his throwing mechanics and attends his little league games whenever he gets the time from his hectic schedule. Shohei is certainly lucky to have a father with a baseball resume, like Yu Darvish, to assist him with his game.

Additionally, Shohei is the eldest child from Yu’s previous marriage with ex-wife Saeko. The former couple had two sons together.

Although Yu refrains from posting about his children on social media, his former partner Saeko sometimes shares glimpses of the two little ones on her Instagram.

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