Stefanie Scott Brother Troy Scott Is A Golfer: Family Tree

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The famous American actress Stefanie Scott grew up in Indianalantic, Florida, with her two older brothers, Troy and Trent. 

The siblings grew up playing games with each other. Presently, the eldest, Troy, is involved in professional golf, while the younger, Trent, plays golf for fun and has never pursued it professionally.

Choosing a different career path from her brothers, Stefanie opted for a career in the entertainment business while she was still a teenager. In addition to her acting, Scott is an accomplished singer.

American Actress And Singer Stefanie Scott
American Actress And Singer Stefanie Scott (Source: Just Jared Jr.)

Stephanie Scott began acting in 2008, playing a minor role in the American family film Beethoven’s Big Break. That same year, she also appeared in an action comedy tv series Chuck.

Until 2016, she had various big and small roles in films such as Flipped, No Strings Attached, I.T., Caught, etc. In addition, she frequently starred in popular American T.V. series, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, A.N.T. Farm, and Jessie.

Scott got her first significant role in the 2016 Canadian science fiction movie At First Light, directed by Jason Stone. Aside from her acting career, Scott has appeared in music videos and released several songs.

Stefanie Scott Parents & Brothers

Stefanie Scott was born to her parents, Paul and Diane Scott, in Illinois, Chicago, on December 6, 1996. Besides her, Paul and Diane have two older children- Troy and Trent.

Her dad, Paul, is a medical practitioner and endodontist by profession. He received his master’s degree in endodontics from Northwestern University in Chicago.

Stefanie Scott's Dad Paul Scott
Stefanie Scott’s Dad, Paul Scott (Source: LinkedIn)

He served in the U.S. Navy for some time before moving to Brevard County, Florida, to start his clinic. He was the first to bring Microscopic Endodontics to the region and is a committed medical practitioner.

Meanwhile, Stefanie’s mother, Diane, has been running a dough-selling business since 1992. Her brand, Aroma Dough, gluten-free playdough, is a pretty popular product in Florida and adjacent states.

So, growing up in a well-off and educated family, all three children had a pretty good childhood, and consequently, they achieved success in the field they chose to pursue.

Stefanie’s Brother Troy Is A Golfer

The oldest of the Scott children, Troy, is a well-known golfer. He was born to Diane and Paul on September 25, 1987, in Ocala, Florida. Interested in sports activities from childhood, he primarily played soccer and golf during school.

After graduating from Holy Trinity High School in 2006, he joined the University of Northern Colorado for further education. Soon after graduation, he began his career as a golf coach, besides participating in numerous tournaments.

Stephanie Scott's Older Brother Troy With His Wife And Daughter
Stefanie Scott’s Older Brother Troy With His Wife And Daughter (Source: Instagram)

He lives with his wife, Katie Marie, and their daughter in Texas and is a golf instructor at the Golf Club of Houston.

Likewise, Stefanie’s second brother, Trent, graduated from U.C.F. Orlando, where he obtained a degree in Law. He works as a law practitioner and lives with his wife, Indy Roper.

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