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Stetson Wright Wife: At 22, Stetson Wright stands as a triumphant figure atop the global rodeo arena, clinching the prestigious championship three times.

Hailing from a lineage of champions, Stetson has not only upheld but surpassed the family legacy, establishing himself as one of the preeminent rodeo champions on the world stage.

His illustrious career, marked by numerous victories and accolades, reflects his innate talent and dedication to the sport that transcends his years.

Stetson’s prowess in the rodeo circuit has not only solidified his personal standing but has also added luster to the rich history of his family’s name in the world of champions.

Stetson Wright
Stetson Wright (Source: Instagram)

Beyond the dust and thrill of the rodeo arena, Stetson Wright has found personal joy and companionship in his marriage to Callie Rey Lowe.

Their union, forged when Stetson was at the zenith of his career as the number one rodeo champion, speaks to a shared journey of passion and commitment.

In addition to their partnership in life, Stetson and Callie are loving parents to a daughter, adding a new dimension to their narrative.

As Stetson Wright continues to etch his legacy in the rodeo world, his personal life, marked by family and triumphs, adds depth to the story of this remarkable young champion.

Stetson Wright Wife

Who Is Callie Rey Lowe? 

Stetson Wright Wife: Stetson Wright’s love story took a poetic turn when he married Callie Rey Lowe immediately after concluding his run at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

The timing seemed almost serendipitous, with Stetson finding the love of his life at the pinnacle of his professional rodeo career.

The bond between Stetson and Callie has endured, and they continue to navigate life together as a devoted couple.

Callie With Her Daughter
Callie With Her Daughter (Source: Instagram)

Their shared journey has expanded to include the joyous role of parenthood, with the arrival of their daughter, Kingsley Rey, adding a new chapter to their love story.

Beyond the arena, Callie Rey Lowe is a notable figure in her own right, boasting almost 13k followers on her Instagram.

As a successful model, her online presence reflects not only her individual charm but also offers a glimpse into the life she shares with Stetson and their growing family.

For those intrigued by Callie’s ventures and charm, her Instagram (@callieray101) serves as a window into her world.

The couple’s commitment to each other, paired with their shared joys and individual successes, paints a vibrant picture of a life well-lived, both personally and professionally.

Little On Stetson Wright

Stetson Wright’s roots run deep in the racing world, and his familial ties to the sport are nothing short of legendary.

Born on August 1, 1999, to parents Cody Wright and Sharee Wright, Stetson emerged into a family where success on the racing circuit was not just a pursuit but a tradition.

The Wright family boasts an impressive collection of world titles, with Stetson’s father, Cody Wright, clinching the coveted crown twice in 2008 and 2010.

However, the legacy doesn’t stop there; Stetson’s sibling, Ryder, has etched his own mark on the racing world by securing two world titles in 2017 and 2020.

The prowess extends further with uncles who have also achieved multiple titles, creating a tapestry of racing excellence woven into the fabric of the Wright family.

In the veins of the Wrights, the spirit of victory seems to flow effortlessly. Stetson, standing at the forefront of this remarkable lineage, is not merely continuing a family legacy but enhancing it with his own illustrious contributions to the sport.

The saga of triumphs that began with his ancestors is not only intact but thriving through Stetson, ensuring that the name Wright remains synonymous with success in the world of racing.

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