Steve Borden Father Death & Obituary: Wrestler Sting Mourning The Loss

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Steve Borden father, Robert Lee Borden, died on February 13, 2024. Robert likely passed away due to old age and leaves behind his four kids and wife, Velda. 

A former Air Force officer, Robert became a successful entrepreneur during the late 70s. After retiring as an Air Force officer, Robert pursued a career as a lumberjack and started his business in the same field.

Steve Borden Pictured Performing His Move During The Forbidden Door Event In 2023
Steve Borden Pictured Performing His Move During The Forbidden Door Event In 2023 (Source: Instagram)

The legendary wrestler, Steve, aka Sting, shared the heartbreaking news during his promo with Darby Allin. Steve will step into the ring for the last time in his professional career when he and Allin defend their AEW Tag Team title against The Young Bucks.

During his promo, Steve also promised to bring out everything he had to take them out. The rest of the Borden family haven’t spoken about Robert’s demise. 

Steve Borden Father Death & Obituary

Steve Borden father, Robert Lee Borden, passed away at age 89 on February 13. He was married for 65 years to his wife, Velda Pauline Borden, whom he left behind. 

When he was young, Robert served in the United States Air Force for six years. Later, Robert became a lumberjack and a few years later, decided to start a business around that skill. 

He established Santa Clarita Marine in 1972 and Great Outlook Windows and Doors in 1994. Born and raised in California, Robert came from a religious household and followed Christianity. The faith in Christ was something he instilled in his kids. 

Steve Borden's Father, Robert Lee Borden, Pictured With His Wife, Velda
Steve Borden’s Father, Robert Lee Borden, Pictured With His Wife, Velda (Source: Twitter)

Robert and Velda were parents to four kids- Steve, Jeff, Mark, and Kelley. The wrestler, Steve, aka Sting, has talked several times about how important his religion is to him and how it saved his marriage. 

Steve had previously shared a photo of his parents on his Twitter id. He shared the image on Mother’s Day, giving a shoutout to all the moms out there. 

During the peak of his career, Steve didn’t talk much about his family or parents. It was on AEW Dynamite that Steve announced his father’s demise.

The wrestling legend said, “Seven days ago, my father passed away. He was like a hero to me. He taught me well. [It] Makes me think a lot about my own mortality. I used to think, I was so invincible.

I still feel like this sometimes. But the time catches on. It reaches everyone and me for sure. I know truly that I’m not invincible, but one thing I do know: whatever’s left in me, I will bring to the Revolution.”

Steve Borden Brother Is A Pastor 

Steve has two brothers, and one of his brothers happens to be a pastor. Previously, the wrestler has credited his brother, Jeff Borden, in helping him find his way to Christ.

Previously, in an interview in 2006, Steve said his brother was a senior pastor at Church On The Rock in Canyon Country. Because of his brother, Steve had also joined the church as an elder. 

Steve Borden's Brother, Jeff Borden, Pictured With His Family
Steve Borden’s Brother, Jeff Borden, Pictured With His Family (Source: Facebook)

When Steve had hit a low point in life and found himself taking pills and whatnot, his brother, Jeff, invited Steve to a promise keepers meeting.  

But during those early stages, Steve was unconvinced to dedicate himself to Christ. Only later in his life, Steve decided to take a religious path. 

There is a video of Jeff on YouTube as a guest speaker. His wife, Lori Borden, is available on Facebook but hasn’t shared much about their personal lives. 

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