Steve Smith Wife Dani Willis: Married Life And Kids

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Steve Smith wife, Dani, is a lawyer by profession and shares the athletic spirit of her husband because of her sports background as a former swimmer and polo player. 

Considered one of the best batters in test cricket, Steve Smith met his wife before the Big Bash Tournament in 2011.

Like almost every Australian, Dani Willis loves cricket and accompanies her husband during most of his international tours.

Recently, she traveled to the UK to support her husband during the Ashes, a test cricket series between England and Australia.

Despite the series ending in a draw, they had a great time, with Steve finishing his tour with a half-century.

The Australian Professional Cricketer Steve Smith
The Australian Professional Cricketer Steve Smith (Source: The Guardian)

Born to an Australian dad and an English mother, Steve has both English and Australian citizenship.

Brought up in Sydney, Smith began practicing cricket in his backyard with his dad as a trainer and his mom as his supporter.

At age 17, he moved to England, forgoing high school, and began playing club cricket for the Sevenoaks Vine in the Kent Cricket League.

Inspired by Shane Warne, Smith had initially thought to be a bowler, but he later turned into a right-handed batsman.

Steve was part of the national team that won the 2015 ODI World Cup and T20 World Cup in 2021. Recently, they won the World Test Championship defeating India by 209 runs in the final.

Steve Smith’s Wife, Dani Willis

The Australian batsman Steve Smith married his longtime girlfriend, Dani Willis, on September 15, 2018. The couple announced their engagement almost a year ago through their social media handles.

Like Smith, Dani Willis was born in Sydney, Australia, almost two years after him, on January 17, 1991.

After graduating high school, she enrolled in Macquarie University, pursuing a dual degree in Commerce and Law.

Steve Smith And His Wife Dani
Steve Smith And His Wife, Dani (Source: Instagram)

While at college, she participated in water polo games and was a part of her college’s swimming team. However, she never thought of having a professional career in sports.

A cricket fan, she knew about Smith since his early cricketing career for Australia, but she had never thought he would be her fiancee in the future.

One fine day during the inaugural ceremony of the Big Bash League, the two saw each other and immediately fell in love.

They dated for around six years, starting in 2011, and eventually, Smith proposed to her during their trip to New York.

A year later, they married in a private ceremony with their close friends and relatives in Sydney.

They do not have any children yet, and the joy of parenthood awaited its perfect time.

Smith As Inspiration Behind An Animated Series Character

In 2018, an Australian animated series for children named Bluey premiered on the ABC Kids channel.

Fans immediately pointed out the character named Rusty the Red Kelpie’s cricketing technique was similar to that of Smith’s.

Later on, the show creator Joe Brumm revealed that Smith inspired Rusty’s playing style. The show also featured some of the Smith’s favorite sequences with high elbow drives and cut shots.

Rusty The Red Kelpie From Bluey Animated-Series
Steve Smith Inspired Character, Rusty The Red Kelpie, From “Bluey” Animated Series (Source: ABC)

Although not a very prominent character in the series, Rusty gained popularity from his comparison to one of Australia’s greatest cricketers.

The show got praise from critics and audiences, prompting the creators to extend the seasons. The show has over 150 episodes in three seasons and is still running successfully.

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