Tara Vanderveer Partner: Is She Dating Amy Tucker?

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Tara Vanderveer Partner: The American basketball coach is rumored to have a relationship with former basketball associate head coach Amy Tucker.

Vanderveer and Tucker worked together for many years and are often captured sitting together and enjoying the basketball tournaments. 

As Tara has never been in a relationship, her closeness with Amy fueled the gossipmongers about their possible relationship.

Are they dating? Let’s check out the facts below:

Tara Vanderveer Is A Basketball Coach
Tara Vanderveer Is A Basketball Coach (Source: Instagram)

Tara Vanderveer is a veteran basketball persona who previously played as a basketball player and later turned into a basketball coach.

Currently, she is serving as the head women’s basketball coach at Stanford University, which she joined in 1985.

The Massachusetts-born basketball coach started her career in the early 1970s and played for Albany from 1971 to 1972. Likewise, her career in Indiana lasted from 1972 to 1975. 

She started her career as a basketball coach in 1978 and is now a head coach at Stanford University.

Tara Vanderveer Partner and Dating History

Stanford University’s head coach, Tara, is not dating anyone now.

She is not in a romantic relationship with anyone, nor has she introduced someone as her partner.

Tara Vanderveer And Amy Tucker Watching Basketball Game
Tara Vanderveer And Amy Tucker Watching a Basketball Game (Source: Getty Image)

The veteran basketball persona remained unmarried throughout her life and stayed dedicated to her career. She never had a husband or children. 

Also, Vanderveer tight-lipped her mouth when sharing her love life and dating history in the media. 

Not being hitched to anyone, the former basketball player remained single and unmarried, which also created rumors about her gender reality. 

Is Tara Dating Amy Tucker?

There has been a rumor of the possible relationship between Tara and her former associate head coach, Amy Tucker.

Profound names in the basketball world, both the basketball veterans remained single. 

Amy Tucker Is A Former Head Basketball Coach
Amy Tucker Is A Former Basketball Head Coach (Source: Twitter)

They are not dating each other; however, their closeness and coordination during work sparked the rumor of their relationship. 

The basketball personalities have been captured sitting together and enjoying each other’s company, but none of them have spoken about their relationship. 

As per the sources, Tara and Amy are just good friends, and there is nothing more than that.

The rumor of their love life is baseless, and there is no ground to believe they are in love. 

In addition, the veteran basketball coaches are colleagues and have immense respect for each other. 

Amy Tucker is a former basketball player who remained an associate head coach of the Stanford Cardinal women’s basketball team and worked as interim co-coach during the 1995–1996 season.

Likewise, Tucker, who worked under Tara Vanderr’s leadership, was considered to be one of the best recruiters in women’s college basketball during her period as Stanford’s recruiting coordinator. 



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