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English full-back Tino Livramento is making headlines after the English Premier League Club Newcastle United agreed to sign a deal with him just a few days ago. Born to Chelsea-supporting parents, Tino was trained at Chelsea’s youth academy since he was seven.

When it finally came time to sign a deal, his dad did everything he could to secure a contract for Tino.

Unfortunately, after a failed attempt to stay with the blues, Tino eventually opted to join Southampton.

Despite being a diehard Chelsea fan, his dad supported Southampton that season for his son. Tino believes he is where he is today all because of his parent’s support and sacrifices.

The English Soccer Player Tino Livramento
The English Soccer Player Tino Livramento (Source: The Guardian)

Born in Croydon, England, as the youngest child of his parents, Tino grew up with his siblings in Wallington.

He attended Woodcote High School like his older brother and sister did. Aside from being an exceptional athlete, Livramento was good at his studies.

His friends and school teachers had advised him to continue studying and go to the University for higher education, but all he wanted to do was play soccer.

Consequently, he stayed at Chelsea, practicing and enriching his skills for over a decade until 2021. However, he made his Premier League debut only after signing with Southampton later that year.

Livramento has already represented England in various international tournaments but has yet to debut for their senior team. 

Tino Livramento Parents, Caroline And Francisco

Valentino Francisco Livramento, better known as Tino, was born to his parents, Caroline and Francisco, on November 12, 2002, in Croydon, England.

He grew up with two elder siblings; a brother named Louis and a sister named Paloma.

Francisco’s dad was of Portuguese descent, and his mom was born and raised in Scotland. The two had met in England and settled there after their marriage. 

Tino Livramento And His Mom Caroline
Tino Livramento And His Mom Caroline (Source: Instagram)

As both his parents were from countries with great soccer-playing cultures, Timo and his brother had no difficulties in persuading his parents to let them play the game.

Growing up, Tino primarily played as a striker. So, he looked up to Portuguese stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo and wore Portuguese jerseys, which he said made his dad proud.

Meanwhile, his mom supports Scotland. In an interview, Tino once said that his mom would have been way prouder if he had decided to play for Scotland.

Despite being eligible to play for his parent’s countries, Tino is determined to play for England.

Nonetheless, his parents are very proud of him and what he has achieved so far.

Livramento Ready To Shine In His New Club

The English press had always seen Livramento as a star in the making, but his deteriorating health in the past year made it difficult for him to rise.

Just sometime before his transfer to Southampton in 2021, Chelsea had named him the player of the season.

Although the player wanted to stay in Chelsea, he unwillingly had to give in and look for somewhere else for his bright future.

Tino Livramento Stayed At The Southampton For Two Seasons
Tino Livramento Stayed At Southampton For Almost Two Years (Source: FourFourTwo)

Tino’s early performances at Southampton sparked excitement but did not last long. He missed the entire 2022-23 season, suffering from an ACL injury, and returned to the field after resting for 392 days on May 21, 2023.

At one point, he had even thought it was over for him. However, the recent interest in him from big clubs, including AC Milan, Brighton, and RB Leipzig, raised his spirits again.

Now that he has already signed a deal worth $50.96m (£40m) with Newcastle, he is excited to begin afresh.

Newcastle finished fourth last season, and with Livramento added to their line-up, they are eyeing the top position this season.

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