Tom Brady’s Son, Jack Edward Bio: Buc’s New Ball Boy

Tom Bray’s son, John “Jack” Edward,15, is the eldest son of the greatest NFL quarterback in history and his ex-wife, Bridget Moynahan. Jack is also walking in his father’s shoes and has joined The Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a ball boy.

Jack’s father, Brady, is well-known for being a seven-time Super Bowl winner, five-time Super Bowl MVP, three-time NFL MVP, fourteen-time Pro Bowl, etc.

Not to mention, the athlete is regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. 

Besides that, if you don’t know him from NFL, he is also known as the husband of one of the highest-paid models in the world, Gisele Bündchen.

Tom Brady Son, Jack Edwards
Tom Brady’s Son, Jack Edwards (Source: Instagram)

They are prominent public figures and usually make headlines now and then.

However, Tom Brady’s son, John “Jack” Edward Thomas, has recently talked about the responsibility on his shoulders. 

Jack made headlines after the Buccaneers appointed Brady’s son as their ball boy. The Bucs’ QB was a very proud father seeing his son take upon a summer job and do it very seriously. 

Jack Edward is the firstborn of Tom Brady and stepson of Gisele Bündchen. Likewise, his mother is actress and model Bridget Moynahan. 

Quick Facts 

Before details about Tom Brady’s son’s family, siblings, and career, here are some quick facts about him.

Full NameJohn “Jack” Edward Thomas Moynahan
Birth DateAugust 22, 2007
Birth PlaceSanta Monica, California, the United States
Nick NameJack
EducationNot Available
Father’s NameThomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.
Mother’s NameKathryn Bridget Moynahan
Step Mother’s NameGisele Caroline Bündchen
SiblingsTwo; Vivian Lake Brady, Benjamin Brady
Age15 Years Old
WeightApprox. 79 lbs (36 kg)
Height5 feet (152 cm)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Famous AsTom Brady’s Son
Current JobTampa Bay Buccaneers’ Ball Boy
PositionBall Boy
Active Years2021 – Present
Marital StatusNo
Social MediaNot Available
Tom Brady’s Net Worth$250-$400 million
Tom Brady Current TeamTampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady Jersey Number12
MerchandiseTank Top, Jersey
Last UpdatedDecember, 2022

Tom Brady Son | Early Life, Family, and Education

John “Jack” Edward Thomas Moynahan was born at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, the United States. His parents are Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan.

His father is a world-famous athlete and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

His mother is a renowned actress and model for her roles in movies and series like Blue Bloods, The Sum of All Fears, The Recruit, I, Robot, John Wick: Chapter 2, etc.

Jack Edward with his Father, Tom Brady(Source: Instagram)

At the time of his birth, John’s parents had already separated. Brady started dating Moynahan in 2004, and the two broke up in late 2006. 

Tom was dating his now-wife Gisele Bündchen for only two months when the news broke out that his ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his first child. 

The media went wild with the news, and Bridget’s pregnancy became a high-profile story in a short time.

Almost all media outlets featured Brady, Bridget, and Gisele in their headlines. 

Jack Edwards Playing Football
Jack Edwards Playing Football (Source: Instagram)

The three even recall the time and remember it as a very tiresome and challenging time.

Although the situation was unprecedented and unexpected, Tom and Bridget never doubted having Jack. 

They did their best to maintain privacy but were often stalked and followed by paparazzi everywhere. Bridget expressed in her book Our Shoes, Our Selves,

Having a baby should have been the most joyous time of my life, but instead, I felt assaulted.

Likewise, Gisele also recalled the time in her book Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life,

Two months into our relationship, Tom told me his ex-girlfriend was pregnant. The very next day, the news was everywhere, and I felt my world had been turned upside down.

Tom shared many pictures of his oldest son on Instagram and expressed how cool it was to have Jack with him in practice. He said,

The more I get to do with him, the better it is. We have a great time together, and it’s a treat to have him here.”

He added, “Of course, he thinks it’s fun, but it’s way better for me to have him out here. It’s really, really cool.

Jack’s Birth

Furthermore, Brady hoped to have kids in his late 30s, and Moynahan wanted to have kids after marriage.

But when Jack came into the world, nothing mattered except the little bundle of joy.

Instantly, he received a lot of love from his parents and stepmother. Currently, he has two half-siblings, Vivian Lake Brady and Benjamin Brady, and all of his parents get along very well.

Bridget is pleased that her son has very loving parents and an extended family that shows him even more, love and care.

Gisele said in an interview that she feels like Jack is her son, even if she didn’t give birth to him. 

Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and Bridget Moynahan
Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen, and Bridget Moynahan Spending Time Together In A Park In NYC. (Source: Getty)

The Brazillian model called her stepson a “bonus child.” The Bucs’ ball boy has two homes and families who adore him a lot instead of one house. 

You can see clearly through their social media posts or photos that Jack is an essential part of Tom, Bridget, and Gisele’s lives; they love him more than anything else. 

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Jack’s Parents

Bridget Moynahan

Kathryn Bridget Moynahan is an actress and model famous for her role as Erin Reagan in the TV series Blue Bloods. 

Likewise, Bridget has also been featured in the popular romantic comedy series, Sex and the City.

Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, the mom has worked in movies like John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2, where she played Mrs. Wick.

Her other films include The Sum of All Fears, The Recruit, Lord of War, Grey Matters, Prey, Noise, Ramona, Beezus, etc.

Besides that, Moynahan made her debut in the comedy-drama Coyote Ugly, where she played Rachel, a bartender, and dancer in New York.

Furthermore, she is married to a New York Businessman named Andrew Frankel.

The two got married in 2015 and have been together ever since. They reportedly met through a mutual friend. 

Tom Brady

Tom Brady, the GOAT, is a  professional football player who plays in the National Football League for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Previously, Brady played for the New England Patriots. 

The Patriots drafted him into the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft as the 199th pick overall.

He wasn’t selected in the first round since he didn’t have a tremendous collegiate career and NFL Scouting Combine performance.

Tom Brady Wife and Kids
Tom Brady With His Wife and Kids Right After Winning The 2021 Super Bowl Title (Source: Getty Images)

However, through hard work, enhancing skills, discipline, and dedication, he is now one of the most successful athletes in the world. The QB has won Super Bowls for two franchises. 

Furthermore, he hopes to win his eighth Super Bowl title after qualifying for the 2021 Playoffs.

Likewise, the NFL player has set a record for the most career wins; career touchdown passes, longest ones, etc. 

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Caroline Bündchen is a well-known Brazillian model and a former Victoria’s Secret Angel. She is a successful figure in the modeling world.

Moreover, the mother of two was one of the highest-paid models in 2001 and held the position for a while. She was also included in the Forbes 2012 top-earning models list. 

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (Source: Essentially Sports)

Furthermore, she was among the first to explore the horse walk and popularize it. Not to mention, the Brazillian model has been featured on over 1,200 magazine covers.

The QB’s wife has also appeared in Taxi, The Devil Wears Prada, etc. Besides that, the former VS model is also noted for her many philanthropic endeavors. 


Although there is minimal information regarding Tom Brady’s son’s personal life, many sources have reported being home-schooled.

Since Jack travels a lot with his parents and siblings, it does make sense that he might not be in a regular school. 

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Tom Brady Son | Age, Height, and Weight

John recently celebrated his birthday on August 22, 2022, and turned 15 years old. His parents shared heartfelt posts on their Instagram for his birthday. 

Recommended by his father, Jack probably follows an 80/20 diet where fresh and organic vegetables make up 80% of his meal, while lean meats and wild salmon make up 20% of his meal. 

Furthermore, Tom Brady’s book The TB12 Method also recommends halving your weight and drinking that many ounces of water daily.

Besides that, Jack is 5 feet tall and weighs approximately 79 lbs (36 kg).

Tom Brady Son | Summer Job As Ball Boy

Jack recently took up a summer job as the Buccaneers’ ball boy and joined his father on the football field. So naturally, his dad was boasting with pride while sharing this news to the world via his Instagram stories. 

Although we’re not sure if it was a one-time thing, the father-son duo seemed to enjoy spending more time with each other.

Likewise, Brady loved having his son on the football field with him.

Tom Brady and Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards Working As A Ball Boy For The Tampa Bay Buccaneers While His Father Trains (Source: NYpost)

As a result, Tom Brady’s son met and interacted with many players and coaches.

Furthermore, the quarterback’s only concern about his son was to keep him hydrated out on the field. 

Tom Brady Son | Girlfriend & Relationship

Since Tom Brady’s son is just entering his teens, he most likely does not have a girlfriend. Likewise, all sources claim him to be single. 

Nevertheless, John will probably be a charmer when he grows up like his father, as he’s acquired all of Brady’s genes. Moreover, he seems like an adorable and caring kid. 

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Tom Brady Son | Net Worth, Salary, and Endorsements

Jack depends on his parents for his basic needs and daily provisions as he is very young. Nonetheless, he recently took up a summer job to look after some of his expenses. 

A ball boy in the NFL reportedly makes $50 thousand per year, so we can expect Brady’s son to earn in similar lines. Besides that, the Bucs’ ball boy has no other source of income. 

However, John’s father is one of the greatest athletes globally, with a net worth of $250 million, his mother reportedly has a net worth of $25 million, and his stepmother’s net worth is $400 million

Tom Brady Oldest Son
Tom Brady with his oldest son Jack Edward, who is his carbon copy (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, his parents also earn well through endorsements. Some companies that endorse Brady are Under Armour, UGG, Tag Heuer, Intel and Shields, Aston Martin, etc. 

Hence, it is safe to say that Tom Brady’s son leads a comfortable and lavish life and most likely does not need a summer job or any job.

Nevertheless, Jack takes the job quite seriously for proper character building, bonding with his father, and his first step to a bit of independence from his parents. 

Tom recently wished his son on Instagram and wrote,  “Happy Birthday, my beautiful son. What a blessing you are in our life. We love you so much and are so proud of your amazing young man.

He added, “You make every day of our life more joyful and fun.❤️❤️ Have a great 15th Birthday Jack🤗

Tom Brady wishing his son’s Birthday (Source: Instagram)

Tom Brady Son | Social Media Presence

Currently, the oldest Brady is not on any social media platforms. Even if he has any, his handles might be under his parents’ strict supervision and not public for the world to see. 

On the other hand, Jack’s parents are a big hit on various social media platforms.

For example, Tom Brady is on Instagram with 12.6 million followers and has a Twitter handle with 2.8 million followers.

He is followed by world-renowned personalities, celebrities, and athletes. However, the quarterback mostly shares his life as an NFL player through his social media accounts. 

Besides that, the footballer has also posted many pictures with his parents, beautiful wife, and adorable kids.

Likewise, Bridget Moynahan is on Instagram with 320K followers and Twitter with 108.9K followers. 

She is usually on set in most of her posts and shares her life as an actress. Moreover, the John Wick actress uses her platform to raise her voice against social injustices worldwide.

The Brady Family
The Brady Family Enjoying A Horseback Ride In The Nature (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Gisele Bündchen has an Instagram handle with 19.7 million followers and a Twitter account with 4.6 million followers.

The successful Brazillian model usually shares bits and pieces of her modeling career. 

Through her social media posts, one can clearly understand that she is fitness conscious, both physically and mentally.

Similarly, the former VS angel is a nature lover who loves to grow and cook her food. 

Aside from that, the loving mother can be seen enjoying and playing with her kids. She has also posed for several pictures alongside her husband.

Tom Brady Son | Rising Popularity 

Being the son of the greatest quarterback in history, Jack is always the center of attraction.

Jack Edward Moynahan Popularity-Curve in last 12 months (Source: Google)

Tom Brady Son | FAQs

Who has custody of Tom Brady’s oldest son?

Tom shares the custody of his oldest son with his mother, Bridget Moynahan. 

Who was Tom Brady’s first wife?

Tom Brady‘s first wife is Kathryn Bridget Moynahan, an American actress and model featured in “Sex and the City.”

Does Tom Brady’s son play football?

In an interview, Brady revealed that his son does not play football. However, he is athletic and has taken upon soccer.

The Bucs’ QB has decided not to force his kids to play the sport he loves. 

Where does Brady’s son Jack live?

Tom Brady’s son Jack lives in New York City, apart from Tom and his stepmother Gisele Bündchen at their home. Gisele treats Jack like her own mother and loves him so much.


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