Tony Granato Wife Linda Granato Looking After Him In His Health Struggle

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Legendary hockey player and coach Tony Granato has faced significant health issues recently, but he is supported by his long-time partner and wife, Linda.

Additionally, the sporting icon took to X to announce his health struggles in December 2023.

American Ice Hockey Player And Coach Tony Granato
American Ice Hockey Player And Coach Tony Granato (Source: X)

Tony Granato, born on July 25, 1964, is a retired American professional ice hockey left winger.

Notably, he was the former head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers ice hockey team and led the United States men’s national ice hockey team at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Additionally, Granato held prominent coaching roles in the National Hockey League (NHL), serving as the head coach for the Colorado Avalanche and as an assistant coach for the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Tony Granato Wife

To begin with, Tony has been married to his wife, Linda, for over three decades. Through the years, their marriage has become a symbol of unity, a strong bond, and a love that deepens with time.

Additionally, their understanding of each other is a testament to the enduring strength of their connection.

Subsequently, hockey demands relentless movement on the ice and a grueling schedule with numerous games. The constant travel can be challenging for players, making a stable home life crucial.

Tony Granato Family
Tony Granato Family (Source: The Journal Times)

Having a supportive partner provides a support system that helps navigate the demands of the sport, offering a comforting anchor amid the intense competition.

That is what Tony Granato has in the form of his wife, Linda. She is often seen at games and marquee hockey ceremonies supporting Tony.

Subsequently, Tony is grateful to have the presence of such a supporting partner in his life. As he navigates the challenges of the sporting world, he has his wife standing as an unwavering pillar of support.

Significant Health Struggles

In sad news, the legendary coach announced he had been facing a significant health issue in December 2023.

Taking to X to announce the news, he stated that his wife and family are there to look after him in this challenging time.

“I was recently diagnosed with a form of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and will begin treatment this week. I wish I could reach out to everyone individually but felt like this was the best way to share the news. My family, faith, and friends will be my strength to help me through my treatments. I appreciate all the love and support I have received already.”

On the positive news, Granato made his broadcasting comeback on January 7, 2024, following a four-week hiatus. Fans were relieved and excited to welcome the iconic figure back to the sport.

Granato Announced His Health Struggles In December 2023
Granato Announced His Health Struggles In December 2023 (Source: NY Post)

Amidst his health challenges, his wife, Linda, is his hope and a source of significant support. Facing a daunting health issue together, the couple stands hand in hand, united in their journey through this tough challenge.

Speaking of their family, the pair are parents to four children: Gabriella, Dominic, Michael, and Nicholas. Embracing the responsibilities of parenthood, the couple forms a strong and lovely family unit with their children.

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