Transgender Sprinter Halba Diouf Height And Wikipedia- World Athletics Ban

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Trans ban can’t stop Halba Diouf’s dream of the unyielding quest towards Paris 2024 Olympics & Paralympics games, as she is defying bans & pursuing gold.

Halba Diouf was born a male but was always aware of her gender inclination and eventually transitioned into a female.

The trans athlete discovered her identity at the early age of seven due to her urge to be a mother.

But she is told by the people around her that she won’t be able to do it because she was born a boy.

Halba Diouf, French Sprint Specialist
Halba Diouf, French Sprint Specialist (Source: Kewoulo)

After years, she moved to Aix-en-Provence for hormonal therapy for gender change.

Halba won the women’s 200m running race in Nice, France, in a record time of 22”67 (+2.0 m/s).

Not only that, in French women’s running history, it made her the 9th best running performer for 200m.

Halba Diouf Height And Wikipedia

Halba Diouf, a transgender athlete, was born in Senegal, migrated to France at the early age of four, and lived there for a while. 

In her initial years, she attended the Koranic school and spoke Arabic. After which, in her teenage years, she moved to Aix-en-Provence.

Halba was born in 2002, making her 22 years old in 2024, but the exact month is unclear.

Halba is inclined toward her Islamic religion, which helped her in her journey, and believes it is there to bring peace and rights.

According to her Instagram handle, the French sprint specialist also considers herself an entrepreneur.

She is involved with the Sabr F&C and Le Refuge Foundation, an LGBTQ+ empowerment organization.

Parents Of Halba Diouf

Halba Diouf was born to Muslim parents and belongs to a conservative Muslim family.

As told by her in an interview with a French sports magazine, she has never felt comfortable in her body.

Halba Diouf Is An Muslim Athlete
Halba Diouf Is An Muslim Athlete (Source: Purepeople)

Her Dad, whose name is not revealed, is a history teacher and imam, and it was more difficult to make her family understand.

Growing up, Halba never had the support of her family in the choice of gender transition.

But was closer to her siblings, who supported her throughout her transitional phase.

Ban On Trans Athletes

The World Athletics Council decided to ban the ones with the difference in sex development.

World Athletics president Sebastian Coe’s, announced to prohibit athletes of male puberty from participating in female world rankings competitions.

Sebastian continues by saying it is a view to maintain fairness for female athletes above all other considerations.

Halba is against the decision and adds women have always been allowed to compete if their testosterone levels were below a certain threshold.

But according to the authorities, Diouf is considering running in the Olympics as a woman shows a clear advantage for her.

As reported by CNN Sports, the risk of violating fundamental human rights principles has risen due to the use of blanket bans for trans women by Trans rights advocates.

CNN Sports released the argument by Trans rights advocates using blanket bans on transgender women can lead to the risk of violating fundamental human rights principles.

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