Trevor Lawrence Brother: Who Is Chase Lawrence?

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Trevor Lawrence and his brother Chase Lawrence, who grew up in Cartersville, Georgia, took different paths in life. While Trevor became an athlete, Chase pursued a career as an artist.

Growing up with supportive parents, Trevor and Chase excelled in their respective fields.

One has risen to become a highly-ranked player, while the other has pursued a creative and artistic journey.

Trevor Lawrence American Football Quarterback
Trevor Lawrence, American Football Quarterback (Source: SI)

As a child, Trevor was known for his wild nature and athletic abilities. He excelled in both football and basketball during his time at Cartersville High School in Georgia.

His talent on the field led him to become one of the top-rated high school quarterback prospects.

In 2016, Trevor decided to attend Clemson University to play college football.

During his time there, he made history by winning the National Championship Game as a freshman and setting a new record for quarterback victories at the school.

In the 2021 NFL Draft, Trevor was selected as the first overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He had a standout season in 2022, leading the team to its first division title and playoff victory in years.

Trevor Lawrence Brother

Trevor Lawrence’s brother Chase Lawrence has made a name for himself as an artist, showcasing his exceptional talent in the world of art.

He excels in his craft, particularly in the realms of oil paintings and sculptures. 

Chase was born in 1994 and is five years older than Trevor and looks a lot like Trevor, with a beard and glasses on.

Despite looking the same regarding their liking, they are entirely different. 

Trevor With His Brother Chase
Trevor With His Brother Chase (Source: Instagram)

Born in a family where both parents were successful high school athletes, Chase was different from the beginning.

Unlike Trevor, Chase was never into sports. While Trevor spent most of his time playing football and basketball, Chase spent his time drawing in the dirt during Little League games.

One time his parents found him lying down on the team bench and sleeping during a youth basketball game, and they decided not to force him into sports.

Chase Considers Alex Pardee As His Inspiration

Not realizing it could become his passion, Chase Lawrence used to draw dragons, lizards, and monsters.

That changed when he came across the art of Alex Pardee, whose colorful and surreal style mixed with elements caught his attention.

Chase credits Alex Pardee for sparking his interest in art. He found Pardee’s unique and edgy creations incredibly cool and inspiring.

This discovery opened Chase’s whole new world of art, leading him to explore other artists’ works.

Chase And His Wife, Brooke, Shared the Same Passion 

Following his passion, Chase joined Kennesaw State University in George and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. 

Interestingly, his wife, Brooke Lawrence, is also an artist with a similar degree and specialization in drawing and painting. 

Chase And His Wife Brooke With Their Painting
Chase And His Wife Brooke With Their Painting (Source: Instagram)

Chase and his wife Brooke met while pursuing their Bachelor’s degrees at Kennesaw State University. It was their similar passion for Arts which brought them together. 

Now two now work together as one artist on multiple projects. As sculptors and oil painters, they are well-known for their unique and evocative style.

On their Instagram handle, Brooke & Chase Lawrence, they showcase their impressive skill and creativity.

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