Tyler Allgeier Parents: Mother Ester Allgeier And Father

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Tyler Allgeier didn’t come from a household where his parents had an amicable relationship. The footballer credits his mother, Ester Allgeier, for the man he has become today. 

Ester would do anything to provide for her son. Being a single mother of two kids, Ester faced adversity in making ends meet, but when the question came about her son, Ester never shied away. 

Tyler Allgeier Pictured In The Falcons Gear Earlier This Year In June
Tyler Allgeier Pictured In The Falcons Gear Earlier This Year In June (Source: Instagram)

The 23-year-old is in his second season with the Falcons and created history in his first year. He set the single-season rookie record for the most rushing yards for the Falcons. A record previously held by William Andrews. 

Allgeier, with his teammate Bijan Robinson, rank third and fourth in the NFL with 20 carries, entering Week 3. The Falcons are currently 2-0 up and will face Detriot Lions next. 

Tyler Allgeier Parents: Raised By A Single Mother

Tyler Allgeier’s parents separated when the footballer was young. He was raised singlehandedly by his mom, Ester Allgeier. 

Ester Allgeier is a Chaffey College graduate and is a Lot Operations Assitant Manager at Manheim Southern California. The mother of two, Ester, wanted her children to be athletic since they were kids. 

When Tyler was three, Ester signed him up for various sports, including soccer, football, and baseball. But Tyler quickly lost his interest in the bat and ball sport. 

The only notable contribution coming from Tyler’s dad was to sign him up for tackle football when he was seven. His mom didn’t like it as he hadn’t consulted her about it. 

Tyler Allgeier Pictured With His Mother, Ester (R) In 2019
Tyler Allgeier Pictured With His Mother, Ester (R) In 2019 (Source: Facebook)

At first, Tyler hated the sport and asked his mom if he could quit. But Ester knew her son had a knack for football. She told him he could quit for a year but made him promise he would try the following year. 

When Tyler enrolled for the second time, he couldn’t think about not playing the sport. In a recent interview with the Atlanta Falcons podcast, Tyler talked about his mother’s impact on his career. 

He said if it weren’t for her pushing him, the NFL would have only remained a dream. Tyler also said Ester was strict when it came to academics. 

She wouldn’t accept scores less than 4.0 on every paper. The footballer recalled a story from middle school of how disappointed Ester got after seeing his marks. 

Tyler also credits his maternal grandfather, Robert Allgeier, for making him love the game. Robert was a Colts fan, and with his grandson, he would watch every game. 

Sadly, Robert passed away in 2021, and Tyler regrets he never got to watch him play in the NFL. But the footballer believes his grandfather is looking down upon him and has blessed him. 

Tyler Allgeier Sister, Nalonie Allgeier Is A Soccer Player

Tyler’s only sibling, Nalonie Allgeier, plays soccer at Prairie View A&M University. Standing at 5’6, Nalonie is a forward and received a scholarship to attend her university. 

The two siblings grew up in a one-story household with their mom, grandparents, Nana, and uncle. He also talked briefly about his sister during the podcast. 

Tyler Allgeier's Sister, Nalonie Is A Soccer Star At
Tyler Allgeier’s Sister, Nalonie Is A Soccer Star At Prairie View A&M (Source: Instagram)

Tyler said not only him but his Nalonie also had to make sure that she maintained good grades at school. The footballer also added that as an older brother, he felt he should set an example for her. 

Nalonie is available on Instagram with the username @nalonie_allgeier and has mostly shared pictures of her day-to-day outings along with a couple of posts of her on the field. 

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