Vera Zvonareva Husband Aleksandr Kucher: Married Life And Kids

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Russian tennis player Vera Zvonareva has been married to her husband, Aleksandr Kucher, for a long time. The couple are also parents to their only daughter, Evelina. 

Vera and her husband, Aleksandr, have kept their child off the media for a very long time.

The tennis player and Aleksandr are a solid and extensive support system for each other.

Vera Zvonareva And Her Husband Aleksandr Kucher On Their Wedding
Vera Zvonareva And Her Husband Aleksandr Kucher On Their Wedding (Source: Instagram)

Vera Igorevna Zvonareva is a Russian professional tennis player. She made her professional debut in September 2000; since then, the player has made numerous records.

Vera has a record of winning two Grand Slam Mixed Doubles in Wimbledon (2006) and the US Open (2004).

Furthermore, the tennis player won the Grand Slam Doubles in the US Open (2006, 2020) and the Australian Open (2012).

Likewise, she was ranked “Number 2” on 25 October 2010, her career’s highest ranking in singles.

Vera Zvonareva Husband Aleksandr Kucher: Married Life And Kids

Vera has been living a blissful married life with her husband, Aleksandr, under the same roof for a long time.

They first met at Moscow’s Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Soon after, Vera and Aleksandr began dating. After a few years, the duo tied the wedding knot in 2016. 

Their wedding ceremony was attended by a limited number of people, including their family members and loved ones.

Vera Zvonareva And Her Husband, Aleksandr Kucher Have One Daughter
Vera Zvonareva And Her Husband, Aleksandr Kucher, Have One Daughter (Source: Instagram)

For their special day, both the bride and groom were seen in their beautiful and elegant dress.

Vera wore a simple, long white gown that had a lace strap. And she had beautiful blue colored roses in her hair-bun. On the other hand, Aleksandr was in his charcoal blue colored suit.

Since their big day, Vera and Aleksandr have been holding each other hands and loving each other.

Vera and his husband share one daughter, Evelina, born in 2016. 

Aleksandr Kucher Age And Occupation

Vera’s better half, Aleksandr, is a very private person. As a result, not much information has surfaced yet.

Looking at the pictures shared by Vera, he is in his mid-30s to early 40s. Likewise, Aleksandr is not an athlete but is very supportive of his wife’s career. Interestingly, he is from Ukraine.

Various sources claim that Alexander previously worked in the administration of the Moscow Oblast. He worked in the power structures of the Moscow Region. He is also a drummer by profession. 

A Little About Vera Zvonareva

Vera was born on 7 September 1984 in Moscow to her father, Igor Zvonareva, and her mother, Natalia Bykova. Both her parents had a successful sports career during their time.

Igor was a bandy player. He played for the Dynamo Moscow. Also, the former athlete has a record of competing at the USSR Championships.

Likewise, Vera’s birth mother is a retired field hockey player. Natalia competed at the Moscow Olympic Games (1980) and made a record by winning a bronze medal.

Vera Zvonareva Celebrates Victory
Vera Zvonareva Celebrates Victory (Source: Instagram)

So, it is evident that Vera got her athletic passion from her parents, who were competitive and determined to win in their respective sports.

Academic Qualifications

Vera is not only skilled in her tennis, she also was one of the brightest students in her high school and university.

After completing school, she attended the Russian State University of Physical Education. She received a degree in Physical Education from there.

Next, Vera joined the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow and majored in International Economic Relations.

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