What Is Isaiah Hodgins Ethnicity? Religion, Origin And Nationality

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Isaiah Hodgins represents the beauty of American culture with his mixed ethnicity. He is a proud Christian man with his roots in San Jose, California.

The New York Giants see a lot of potential in their new wide receiver, Isaiah Hodgins. With the right momentum, the sky is the limit for the young athlete.

Furthermore, Isaiah’s background has also played a big role in his career. He is the son of former NFL Champion James Hodgins.

Wide Receiver Isaiah Hodgins
Wide Receiver Isaiah Hodgins (Source: Instagram)

Isaiah Hodgins is a 25-year-old professional football player who has been playing in the NFL since 2020. The wide receiver grew up around Walnut Creek and completed his schooling at Berean Christian High School.

Hodgins was a top talent and was a 4-star recruit during his high school days. Then, he opted to join Oregon State University for college football.

In the 2020 NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills selected him in the 6th round, formally starting his elite career.

Moreover, the Bills waived him 2 years later, allowing Hodgins to sign for New York Giants. He finally got the opportunity to show his true class and became one of the key players for the Giants.

At present, Isaiah is with the Giants after signing a 1-year extension in February 2023.

What Ethnicity Is Isaiah Hodgins? More On His Religion, Origin And Nationality

Although he has not publicly announced or made it an identifying character, we can say Isaiah Hodgins carries mixed ethnicity. He has African-American and Caucasian heritage within him, making him the perfect example of American society.

His father, James Hodgins, is visually a man with African features, and so is Isaiah. His mother, Stephanie, is a brunette woman of the caucasian race.

Moreover, Isaiah looks predominantly African-American with his beautiful afro hair. In addition, his kids have inherited his beautiful genetics.

Religion, Origin And Nationality

Religion is a big part of Isaiah’s life. The wide receiver is a proper Christian and follows the religion avidly, he even attended a private Christian school.

Moreover, he has clarified it perfectly on his Instagram bio, where he has written: For God’s Glory. He never fails to credit God, be it a milestone in his career or the birth of his child.

Hodgins Family Have Beautiful Mixed Genetics
Isaiah Hodgins With His Wife And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, his wife Maya is also a follower of Jesus, she has put up a cross on her Instagram bio. Presumably, the Hodgins kids will also be proud theists.

Talking about his origin, Isaiah is from San Jose in the state of California, in particular, Northern California. 

Since he was born and raised in the USA; therefore, Isaiah Hodgins, by nationality, is a proud American.

Isaiah Hodgins: His Parents Met At A Christian Camp

For many who don’t know, Isaiah Hodgins is the son of former NFL athlete James Hodgins. James was a fullback and played for the Rams, Cardinals, and the Jets throughout his career.

James And Stephanie Hodgins
James And Stephanie Hodgins (Source: Instagram)

In addition, he was part of the Rams roster that won Super Bowl XXXIV. After his retirement, he transitioned into a coach and a Christian motivational speaker.

On the other hand, Isaiah’s mother, Stephanie, is the rock and moral support of the wide receiver.

James and Stephanie instilled Christian values in Isaiah from his childhood. Both of Isaiah’s parents were rigid Christians. Interestingly, the couple first met at a Christian Camp when they were teenagers. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is Isaiah Hodgins Ethnicity?

Isaiah Hodgins ethnicity is of mixed ethnicity, with African-American and Caucasian heritage.


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