What Is James Franklin Ethnicity? Race, Nationality And Religion

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Collegiate football coach James Franklin is one of the two kids of his parents, James Sr. and Jocelyn Franklin. While he has European roots through his mother, he is of African-American ethnicity from his dad’s side of the family.

His parents first met each other in Manchester and later settled in Pennsylvania, where James was born. With his dad mostly away from home due to work, he grew up with his mother and sister in Philadelphia.

This article will cover Franklin’s ethnicity, nationality, and religion. Please read it further to know more about the topic.

American Collegieate Football Coach James Franklin
American Collegiate Football Coach James Franklin (Source: Sports Illustrated)

James Geoffrey Franklin, better known as James Franklin, is a former American football player turned coach. He is currently a head coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions football team.

Beginning in 1995, James has coached numerous college teams, including Vanderbilt Commodores, Washington State Cougars, and Maryland Terrapins, among many others.

Before his coaching career, he was a student-athlete at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania from 1991 to 1994. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the college in 1995.

What Is James Franklin’s Ethnicity?

James Franklin was born to his parents, James Oliver and Jocelyn Frankin, on February 2, 1972, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.

His dad, James Sr., belonged to an African-American family who originally lived in Rocky Mount.

As per the coach himself, they were all pretty educated despite their farming background and later moved to Steel City and eventually to Pittsburgh.

James Franklin With His Mom Jocelyn And Family
James Franklin With His Mom, Jocelyn (Red T-shirt), And Family (Source: StateCollege. com)

On the other hand, Franklin’s mother, Jocelyn, came to the United States only after marrying James Franklin Sr. He met her while working for the US Navy and stationed in Manchester, England.

Born out of the union of a White American and an African American, James Franklin is of mixed ethnicity.

Even though his mom mostly raised him as a kid, James spent significant time growing up with his dad’s side of the family, so he feels close to the cultures and practices of both.

James Franklin: Nationality And Religion

Regarding Franklin’s nationality, he is an American national.

Born and raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, James has lived in the United States all his life and is a proud American citizen.

Speaking of his religion, James is a Christian. However, he does not prefer discussing matters like religion publicly. 

Little On James Franklin’s Wife And Kids

The Penn State football coach, James Franklin, is married to his wife, Fumi Franklin.

Both die-hard football fans, James met Fumi in the late nineties when she was a student at Washington State University. He was also a graduate student there pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership aside from coaching the tight ends.

James Franklin's Wife Fumi And Kids
James Franklin’s Wife, Fumi, And Kids (Source: X. com)

Although they lost contact for a few years, they reconnected later while he was coaching the Maryland Terrapins in the early 2000s.

After dating for a few years, the pair eventually got engaged in 2005, when he was a wide receiver coach for the NFL team Green Bay Packers.

After marriage, Fumi gave birth to their two daughters- Addison and Shola.

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