What Is Luke Getsy Salary 2024? Raiders New OC Net Worth & Contract

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The Raiders offensive coordinator Luke Getsy salary is believed to be $1.5 million. Getsy was previously appointed with the Bears in the same position. 

The offensive coordinator has previously worked with the Packers, serving in various positions. His first stint as an offensive coordinator was with the West Virginia Wesleyan in 2009, and since then, he has worked with Mississippi State, Western Michigan, and Indiana.

Getsy Was Recently Fired By The Chicago Bears After Two Seasons
The Chicago Bears Fired Getsy After Two Seasons On January 10 (Source: Twitter)

The Las Vegas Raiders had agreed with Kliff Kingsbury for the role, but the sides couldn’t come to terms with the contract. The Washington Commanders have now hired Kingsbury.

Getsy was fired by the Bears after they tied for 18th with 21.2 points per game. They were only five spots ahead of Las Vegas. But he also oversaw the Bears’ rushing attack that was second in rushing yards.  

Raiders OC Luke Getsy Salary: New NFL Contract

The former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy salary is around $1.5 million. Getsy’s coaching journey began in 2007 with Akron, and since then, he has worked with many teams at collegiate and NFL levels. 

Previously, NBC Chicago had claimed that the NFL offensive and defensive coordinators have an average salary of $1 million. But the contract between the team and these coaches is never shared, unlike the head coach position. 

Last year, Vic Fangio became the highest-paid coordinator in the NFL with his $4.5 million deal with the Dolphins. Fangio has an extensive history in the NFL, which began in 1986.

Luke Getsy's First Stint In The NFL Began With The Packers
Luke Getsy’s First Stint In The NFL Began With The Packers (Source: Twitter)

The former Dolphins OC has 33 years of experience in the NFL. Getsy has 17 years of coaching experience, nine of which have been in the NFL. Getsy’s first NFL role was with the Packers in 2014. 

He started as an offensive quality control coach and later became their wide receivers coach. The salary in the wide receiver coaching position isn’t as high compared to that of OC or DC. 

In 2019, he returned with the Packers as their quarterbacks coach and later also accepted the passing game coordinator’s responsibility. Luke likely made above $700k as only a year before, when he was with Mississippi State, the football coach made $600k, as per USA Today.

Luke Getsy Net Worth & Contract

The football coach, Luke Getsy, likely has a net worth of $1 million. It was only in 2022 that Luke Getsy likely got his first big contract in the NFL after being appointed as the offensive coordinator by the Bears. 

Before that, Getsy had only worked with the Packers but only as a position coach. The USA Today has shared that during his early days as a wide receivers coach with Western Michigan, in 2013, Getsy made about $67,500. 

The Packers likely offered him a better deal, which could’ve been between $100,000 and $300,000. Maybe Getsy was able to get himself a better contract with the Raiders.

Getsy Wasn't The First Choice For The Raiders For The OC Position
Getsy Wasn’t The First Choice For The Raiders For The OC Position (Source: Twitter)

Luke’s new employers are notorious when it comes to handing out contracts to their coaches.

In 2018, the Raiders gave head coach Jon Gruden a ten-year contract worth $100 million. Gruden resigned in 2021 and reportedly had $40 million in remaining guaranteed payments. 

In 2022, the Raiders appointed Josh McDaniels and tied him to a six-year contract worth $60 million. This made him one of the highest-paid NFL coaches, but even he was fired a season later. 

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