What Was DJ Park Cause Of Death? Health And Illness Update

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DJ Park, a former University of South Carolina Athletics linebacker, has passed away. What was DJ Park’s cause of death? 

Dillon High coach Kelvin Roller revealed about his hospital admission before his death. 

On the other hand, Park’s sister revealed about his death through her social media. She wrote about his leg injury and clots, which led to his brain dead and ultimate death.

DJ Park Remained A Talented Football Player
DJ Park Remained A Talented Football Player (Source: FaceBook)

DJ Park was born Joseph Dijion Park on February 15, 1995. He remained a former linebacker for the University of South Carolina Athletics.

In 2015, he remained a new player in college football, playing on the offensive line for the first time.

Then DJ Park joined 10 games out of 12, mostly helping on special teams, and got an Everyday Effort award during the Garnet & Black game.

Likewise, the football player started his football career in high school, where he did well as a left tackle, helping his team win a state championship and many awards.

Then, when he went to college, he kept improving over five years, learning different roles on the offensive line. He reportedly completed college with a degree in criminal justice.

DJ Park’s Cause Of Death

DJ Park died this Sunday, and the news was shared by his sister, Breana, on her Facebook account.

She wrote on her Facebook page,

To KNOW DJ/Joseph Park was to LOVE him. I could write a novel but I’ll just leave it at that for now. I’ll miss you forever but at least you can rest easy now.

The football player’s sister, Breana Park, later clarified the death cause. As per her, the US native DJ’s sudden death is shocking and hard to understand.

DJ Park With His Sister
DJ Park With His Sister (Source: FaceBook)

She disclosed that her brother went to the hospital because his leg was hurting and swollen. The family thought it was just a muscle pull because he was preparing to play football.

But it turned out he had blood clots in his lung, pelvis, and leg veins. DJ decided to have surgery to remove the clots, which was supposed to be safe.

However, during the surgery, a clot moved to his heart, causing a heart attack. Doctors tried to fix it, but the medicine they used made his brain bleed, causing severe damage. This left him brain-dead.

Before all this, the football player was outstanding and even played the drums at church that morning.

She further revealed that they were still trying to understand why this happened.

Health And Illness Update

The former football linebacker never had any significant health issues or suffered from any kind of illness or disease.

He was in good health before, even on the same day he was admitted to hospital. 

DJ Park Died At The Age Of 29
DJ Park Died At The Age Of 29 (Source: FaceBook)

Sadly, it was all of a sudden that the football player lost his life. His family was not expecting such a big issue when he got hospitalized.

His family members, friends, and relatives are remembering his legacy.

Even the sports world is mourning his death. They are praying for his departed soul.

The talented football player left the world very soon at 29, but his games will be remembered forever.



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