Where Is Chuck Love Now? Is He Fired After Sexual Assault Allegations?

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Where Is Chuck Love Now? The former Nebraska assistant coach, Chuck Love, has been accused by student-athlete Ashley Scoggin of grooming and sexual assault against her.

Subsequently, she has filed a lawsuit against head coach Amy Williams and athletic director Trev Alberts for not protecting her.

Basketball Coach Chuck Love
Basketball Coach Chuck Love (Source: Huskers.com)

Chuck Love is a well-recognized coach in American basketball, boasting impressive accolades and experience.

He secured his initial full-time assistant coaching position at Wayland Baptist in Texas following his tenure as a graduate assistant at his alma mater, Northwestern Oklahoma State.

During his stint at the University of Dakota, he played a crucial role in their journey to clinch the Summit League Tournament championship and earn a spot in the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

He then joined the University of Nebraska as an assistant coach, overseeing their player development programs. Academically, he graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in health and sports science.

Although his stint at Nebraska is considered good in terms of results, it has been tarnished by the sexual allegations against his name made by former Nebraska player Ashley Scoggin.

Where Is Chuck Love Now?

After the sexual allegations filed against him, there is speculation regarding where Chuck is now.

To begin with, former Nebraska basketball player Ashley Scoggin has filed a lawsuit accusing the former Nebraska coach, Chuck, of grooming and sexually assaulting her.

Additionally, she has accused head coach Amy Williams, Nebraska Athletic Director Trev Alberts, and the Board of Regents of failing to protect her.

Scoggin also stated in the lawsuit that when she refused sexual encounters, her playing time was reduced.

Former Nebraska Player Ashley Scoggin
Former Nebraska Player Ashley Scoggin (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Furthermore, she expressed apprehension about potential reprisals if she were to disclose the sexual relationship between her and Coach Love. 

Following the allegations, Chuck has not stated anything to the media or the fans. In such a sensitive matter, it is necessary to wait for official statements from the concerned individuals.

He resigned from the Nebraska coaching job in 2022. Subsequently, he mentioned exploring other opportunities and spending more time with his family as the reasons for his exit.

In the same timeframe, Ashley left Nebraska, transferring to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

The news of the lawsuit in February 2024 has rocked the basketball world to its core. Since further legal proceedings regarding the case are yet to happen, the University of Nebraska posted a statement, choosing not to make any comments.

“The University was made aware of the lawsuit this morning. While the University does not comment on the specifics of pending litigation, it does not agree with the allegations contained in the Complaint and intends to vigorously defend this matter.”

The news has brought dark clouds to the sporting department of the University of Nebraska. Further investigations and legal processes are to follow, which will clear up the controversy.

Regarding the current whereabouts of Chuck Love, it is unclear if he is in any coaching job. He is active on social media platform X, sharing posts about college basketball.

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