Who Are Derrick Warren And Salaneta Warren, Jaylen Warren Parents? Family

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Professional football player Jaylen Parker was born to his parents, Derrick and Salaneta Warren, in Clinton, North Carolina. However, he spent most of his childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah, his mother’s hometown.

Although his parents had no direct link to professional sports, they were fans of popular American sports like football and basketball. However, it took them some time to push Jaylen to pick football.

Warren believes his mother played a crucial role in helping him fulfill his NFL dream. After their recent win against the Green Bay Packers, he gifted his jersey to his mom.

American Professional Football Player Jaylen Warren
American Professional Football Player Jaylen Warren (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Derrell Jaylen Warren, better known as Jaylen Warren, is an American professional football player who plays running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

Even though Jaylen went undrafted in the 2022 NFL draft, the Steelers signed him as a free agent. In his rookie season, he recorded one touchdown and 28 receptions; however, he did not get to start any games.

He eventually played his first game as a starter in November 2023 against the Green Bay Packers, where he notched a touchdown with 15 rushes for 101 yards.

Before his professional debut, Jaylen played collegiate football for three different teams: Snow College, Utah State, and Oklahoma State.

Who Are Derrick Warren And Salaneta Warren?

Derrick Warren and Salaneta Warren are the parents of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back, Jaylen Warren. He was born to them on November 1, 1998, in Clinton, North Carolina.

Although he was born in his dad’s hometown, he does not remember much from there, as he migrated to Utah with his family when he was just two.

Jaylen Warren And His Mother Salaneta
Jaylen Warren And His Mother, Salaneta (Source: Facebook)

As per the reports, his dad was related to the former NFL player Willie Parker through his mother.

However, Derrick admitted that he did not know about his relationship with Willie until he signed with the Steelers in 2022.

In fact, Jaylen was clumsy and unathletic as a kid and started playing football only when he was seven. People around him often dissuaded him, telling him he was not good, but his parents always encouraged him.

Now that he has made it to the NFL, despite getting undrafted, Warren is thankful to his parents for always being there when he needed them. 

His dad lives in South Jordan, Utah, while his mother, Neta, lives with Jaylen’s sisters in Stevenson Ranch, California. 

Derrick Warren Grandfather, Willie Parker

The former NFL player, Willie Parker, is the brother of Derrick’s grandmother and his father’s mother.

Derrick’s grandfather, Willie, played running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers for six seasons. Although he had a brief professional career, he won two Super Bowls before retiring in 2012.

Born in North Carolina, Parker attended Clinton High School, playing football and participating in track events. 

Former NFL Player Willie Parker
Former NFL Player Willie Parker (Source: Flickr)

After graduating, he played collegiate football for the North Carolina Tar Heels. Unfortunately, his college records were not so impressive, and because of this, he remained undrafted in the 2004 NFL draft.

Despite that, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed him as an undrafted free agent, primarily for his speed.

Consequently, he remained one of the Steelers’ trusted until 2009. Aside from winning two Super Bowls, he earned two Pro Bowl selections in 2006 and 2007.

Parker began coaching for the West Virginia Wesleyan College in 2012 after his retirement.

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