Who Are John And Laurie Rizzo? Anthony Rizzo Parents- Brother

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Anthony Rizzo parents, John and Laurie Rizzo, raised him and his older brother John in a positive environment and supported their careers. 

Anthony Vincent Rizzo is a professional baseball player, who plays the position of first baseman for the Major League Baseball (MLB) team New York Yankees.

The Parkland, Florida native was born on August 8, 1989, and has appeared in three All-Star games.

The Boston Red Sox selected Rizzo in the sixth round of the 2007 MLB draft, and he went on to become one of the team’s best minor-league prospects.

Anthony Rizzo Looking Stylish
Anthony Rizzo Looking Stylish (Source: Instagram)

In 2011, he made his MLB debut with San Diego Padres, and after a year, he played for Chicago Cubs.

Besides being a star athlete, Anthony is also famous for his philanthropy. He frequently makes it to the finals for the Heart and Hustle award, thanks to his charitable endeavors.

Anthony Rizzo Parents: John And Laurie Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo is the son of John Rizzo and Laurie Rizzo, who are of Italian descent. 

The Rizzos migrated to Florida as among the state’s first citizens after moving originally from Sicily via New Jersey.

They raised their two sons in a calm and contented family where “Little Baseball League” dominated their kids’ lives.

Laurie wasn’t aware of her family’s fascination with baseball until her son turned the family house into a practice field. 

Anthony claims that he was never permitted to play ball at home as a child. Thankfully, he spent most of his practicing time outside with his parents’ full support.

While running the neighborhood Little League, John and Laurie always worked to make the sport enjoyable for their kids.

Anthony Rizzo With His Family
Anthony Rizzo With His Family (Source: Instagram)

They would provide ice cream for the players, which later turned out their biggest investment as it became the source and encouragement for Anthony to perform well. 

Talking about his brother, John was a lineman for the Florida Atlantic University football team.

He is married to his beautiful bride Sarah and has two kids; a son Vincent and a daughter Aria. 

Anthony Rizzo Defeated Cancer 

Anthony Rizzo had the baseball world at his feet when he signed with the Philadelphia Phillies as a young prospect, but less than a year later, a cancer diagnosis appeared to have put an end to his career.

In April 2008, Rizzo received a limited-state classical Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis. He had six months of chemotherapy.

At the same time, his grandma was coping with breast cancer.

Rizzo’s doctor informed him that he was in remission on September 2, 2008, but that he still had six weeks of therapy and some follow-up testing to go.

His physician informed him on November 18, 2008, that he “could live a normal life.”

With each home run he hits as he climbs the all-time record lists, the real-life superhero continues to inspire other cancer sufferers with his inspiring story of triumph over the disease and his bright career.

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