Who Are Julie & Maggie Dixon, Jamie Dixon Sister? Family Tree

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Jamie Dixon sister, Maggie Dixon, the youngest of the Dixon family, passed away in 2006. Maggie served as the head coach of the Army’s women’s basketball team for one season. 

Maggie lost her life at only 28 years of age. She worked five years as an assistant to Doug Bruno at DePaul University, and only in one season at the Army, she made a massive impact. 

The TCU Head Coach Jamie Dixon Has Been Serving As The Head Coach Since 2016
The TCU Head Coach Jamie Dixon Has Been Serving As The Head Coach Since 2016 (Source: Twitter)

Jamie and his other sister, Julie Dixon Silva, started the Maggie Dixon Foundation after her demise. In an interview, the TCU head coach said his dad, Jim, and mom, Marge, still have a hard time accepting her death.

Dixon has been coaching the TCU Horned Frogs since 2016. During this time, Jamie led the side to its first NCAA Tournament in 20 years, and recently in Saturday’s Big 12 opener, his side almost pulled an upset against no.2 Kansas, but fell 83-81. 

Jamie Dixon Sister: Know About Julie And Maggie Dixon

Jamie Dixon’s sister, Julie Dixon, stayed away from the limelight. But his other sister, Maggie Dixon, was a well-known name in the basketball world. 

Maggie Dixon passed away at the age of 28 and was the youngest among her siblings. The cause of death was reported as an enlarged heart with a mitral valve that was not shutting properly.

A graduate of the University of San Diego, Maggie served as the team captain for her side. She later earned a tryout with WNBA’s LA Sparks but didn’t make it further. 

Maggie Worked At DePaul For Five Years Before Becoming The Head Coach At The Army
Maggie Worked At DePaul For Five Years Before Becoming The Head Coach At The Army (Source: Twitter)

After her dreams of becoming a professional basketball player ended, Maggie wanted to become a coach. She entered the office of DePaul University, but at the time, they had no role to offer.

But they gave her a working camp and also waitressed. Within a year, Maggie earned a full-time job at DePaul, and five years later, she became a top assistant at DePaul. 

In 2005, Maggie received the offer to coach the women’s basketball team of the Army. In her only season, Maggie led the Black Knights to their first appearance in the NCAA Tournament. 

Julie And Jamie Are Carrying Her Legacy 

Julie Dixon is the non-athletic sibling of the family. A San Francisco State University graduate, Julie has been an attorney in Los Angeles. 

After Maggie’s passing, Julie and Jamie started the Maggie Dixon Foundation, which organizes a heart health fair in Pittsburgh and Madison Square Garden. 

There is also an annual Maggie Dixon Classic, a one-day event featuring some of the nation’s top women’s teams. The Maggie Dixon Courage Award and Maggie Dixon Division 1 Rookie Coach of the Year Award are also some of the honors given in her name. 

Coach Jamie Dixon Family 

Coach Jamie Dixon’s family roots are from Ireland. His grandfather John left County Mayo, Ireland, and arrived in Pittsburgh to escape poverty. 

John started construction work at Duquesne University and met the love of his life, Bridget Coyne. The family later moved to the Bronx, New York, where Jamie’s father, Jim, was raised. 

Jim Dixon starred as a full-time actor and screenwriter with roles in more than 50 films. He married Marge Dixon, and the two had three kids, with Jamie being their oldest child. 

The TCU Basketball Coach Has Kept His Family Matters Private Despite Being In The Spotlight For Many Years
The TCU Basketball Coach Has Kept His Family Matters Private Despite Being In The Spotlight For Many Years (Source: Twitter)

As his father worked in the entertainment industry, Jamie also had the opportunity to star in national television commercials. In an interview, Jamie said he remained a card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild. 

The TCU coach met his wife, Jacqueline, while he worked as an assistant at the University of Hawaii. The two tied the knot in 1999 and have kept their married life away from the public limelight. 

The two are parents to Jack and Shannon. Jack was born in 2003, and a year later, Shannon was born. Both his kids remain away from the spotlight.

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