Who Are Karen & Kelly, Klete Keller Parents? Family Tree

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An American former competitive swimmer and a convicted participant in the January 6 United States Capitol attack, Klete Keller was born on March 21, 1982, to his parents, Karen and Kelly Keller.

He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and graduated from Arcadia High School in 2000.

Before concluding his illustrious swimming career in 2008, Klete Keller earned distinction with five Olympic medals, including two golds.

His remarkable achievements unfolded across the 2000, 2004, and 2008 Summer Olympics, where he triumphed in the 400-meter freestyle and the 4×200-meter freestyle relay.

Klete Keller
Klete Keller (Source: NY Post)

However, the narrative took a stark turn in January 2021 when Keller found himself embroiled in the infamous 2021 United States Capitol attack.

Subsequently, he faced legal repercussions, being arrested and charged with three offenses linked to his involvement.

A grand jury indictment in the following month elevated the stakes, laying out seven charges against him. Ultimately, Keller opted for a plea bargain, pleading guilty to a single felony charge.

This marked a stark departure from his celebrated athletic legacy, underscoring the complexities of individuals beyond their sporting achievements.

Klete Keller Parents

Who Are Karen & Kelly Keller?

Born on March 21, 1982, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Klete Keller entered the world as the child of Karen and Kelly.

Sporting prowess ran in the family, with both parents having been intercollegiate athletes at Arizona State University.

His father left his mark on the basketball court while his mother navigated the waters as a swimmer.

A familial legacy of athletic achievements extended beyond his parents. His older sister, Kelsey, showcased her swimming talents at the University of Washington.

Meanwhile, his younger sister, Kalyn, not only swam for the University of Southern California (USC) but also competed on the grand stage of the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Keller’s formative years unfolded in Phoenix, Arizona, where he completed his education at Arcadia High School in 2000.

In shedding light on Keller’s personal journey, Jon Urbanchek, who coached him in the later stages of his swimming career, shared insights into the challenges he faced at home, describing it as a “rough time.”

These accounts are supported by others who have attested to the presence of dysfunction in Keller’s home life, underscoring the complexity of his personal narrative beyond the swimming pool.

Klete Keller Sentenced To 36 Months Of Probation For Role In Capitol Riot

In a recent development, former U.S. Olympic swimmer Klete Keller, aged 41, has been sentenced to 36 months of probation for his involvement in the U.S. Capitol riot.

Remarkably, he managed to avoid incarceration by pleading guilty to a federal felony.

The sentencing also includes six months of home detention for Keller, coupled with a mandate to perform 10 hours of community service each month.

This lenient verdict comes despite Keller being one of the initial Jan. 6 riot defendants to admit guilt to a felony charge.

Klete Keller
Klete Keller (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Renowned for his two gold medals, Keller’s participation in the Capitol chaos was captured in videos where he was seen donning a Team USA jacket in the Capitol rotunda, surrounded by other members of the pro-Donald Trump mob.

Initially indicted on seven federal counts in the aftermath of the attack, Keller struck a deal with prosecutors, ultimately pleading guilty to a single count of obstructing an official proceeding.

Notably, this charge carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail. The sentencing outcome underscores the nuanced legal landscape surrounding individuals involved in the Capitol riot and its aftermath.

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