Who Are Pe’a Hill and Cindy Hill, Deacon Hill Parents? Father & Mother

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Pe’a Hill and Cindy Hill are the proud parents of Deacon Hill.

As devoted parents, Pe’a and Cindy have played special roles in shaping their son’s life and nurturing his passion for sports.

Hill’s family’s story is one of love, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence, and it will inspire others as well.

Their close-knit family is a source of strength and support for Deacon. 

Deacon Hill is a sophomore quarterback for the Iowa Hawkeyes
Deacon Hill is a sophomore quarterback for the Iowa Hawkeyes (Source: Instagram)

Deacon Hill is a sophomore quarterback for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team.

Hailing from Santa Barbara, California, Deacon played high school football at Santa Barbara High School.

At Santa Barbara, he was a star player and an invitee to the 2021 Polynesian Bowl.

He initially committed to Wisconsin but transferred to Iowa after the 2022 season.

The player became the starting quarterback for the Hawkeyes after Cade McNamara suffered a season-ending injury in the fifth game of the 2023 season.

Deacon is a pro-style quarterback with a strong arm and good mobility. Some analysts consider him to have a high upside and NFL potential.

Deacon Hill Parents | Who Are Pe’a Hill and Cindy Hill?

Deacon Hill Father Pe’a Hill

Pe’a Hill is not only a father to Deacon but also a mentor, role model, and close companion. Their relationship is marked by genuine affection and a shared love for sports, particularly football.

Deacon’s Instagram stories often feature heartwarming moments between father and son, emphasizing their deep connection.

Deacon’s admiration for his father is evident in his heartfelt message on Father’s Day: “Happy Father’s day pops. Thank you for everything!! I love you more than life itself.”

This message encapsulates Deacon’s profound love and respect for his father, Pe’a, who has been a guiding light in his life.

Deacon Hill with his father, Pe'a Hill
Deacon Hill With His Father, Pe’a Hill (Source: Instagram)

Their bond goes beyond social media posts, as they often spend quality time together, engaging in activities like father-son golf sessions.

One of the most significant ways Pe’a supports Deacon is by attending his games. His presence at these events is a source of pride for both father and son.

His support and presence at games exemplify the strong family values at the Hill family’s core.

Deacon Hill Mother Cindy Hill

Cindy Battiston Hill is another influential figure in Deacon’s life. Her athletic achievements are remarkable, and she has made a lasting impact in the basketball world.

Her journey began as a high school athlete when she engaged in a two-on-two match against members of the Utah Jazz. 

At San Marcos High School in California, Cindy became a star player.

She amassed an impressive 2,000 points during her career and led her team to some of their most memorable seasons.

Likewise, he also earned several prestigious accolades, including All-League, All-CIF, and Parade All-American honors.

Cindy Hill, Decon Hill's mother Was A Hall Of Famer
Cindy Hill, Decon Hill’s Mother Was A Hall Of Famer (Source: sbroundtable.org)

Cindy continued her basketball journey at Brigham Young University (BYU), where she reached the pinnacle of success.

Her time at BYU was marked by remarkable accomplishments, as she earned the title of All-American and was named the Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year in 1990.

Notably, she holds the BYU record for the highest individual game score, an impressive 492 points.

Her legacy at BYU includes ranking as the institution’s third all-time leading scorer and second in rebounds.

Moreover, Cindy was also inducted into the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Hall of Fame in 1999. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are Deacon Hill Parents?

Pe’a Hill and Cindy Hill are the proud parents of Deacon Hill.


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