Who Are Roshon And Andre Maclin? Jeremy Maclin Brother- Age Gap

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Jeremy, the former American football wide receiver has two brothers, Andre and Roshon.

The three brothers share a close-knit bond and have a strong sense of love for each other.

Jeremy Maclin poses for a photograph
Jeremy Maclin Poses For A Photograph(Source: Instagram)

Jeremy Maclin, born on May 11, 1988, is a former American football wide receiver.

He attended Kirkwood High School in Kirkwood, Missouri from 2002 to 2006, where he was a letterman in football and basketball.

Transitioning to college, he played as a wide receiver, punt, and kick return specialist for the Missouri Tigers in 2007 and 2008.

Across 14 games averaging an impressive 198.3 yards per game. He holds the NCAA freshman record for the most all-purpose yards in a single season.

Subsequently, In the 2009 NFL Draft, Jeremy was selected in the first round as the 19th overall pick by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jeremy further showcased his skills with the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens. Despite his talent, he retired in 2019 and became the head football coach at Kirkwood High School, Missouri in 2021.

Jeremy Maclin Brother: Roshon and Andre

The former football player was born as the youngest of three children to his mother Cleo Jeremy Maclin and father.

He has two elder siblings, both brothers, Roshon and Adre Maclin. They grew up surrounded by difficult times. Their father abandoned the family when Jeremy was just 7 months old, and his siblings were 8 and 4.

His mother, Cleo, worked two jobs to sustain the family, while Jeremy’s older brother, Andre, took on responsibilities such as changing diapers and preparing meals for his younger sibling.

One day when he was locked out and was sneaking through the window, Jeremy’s youth football coach, Jeff Parres, saw him. Eventually, Parres family adopted him but not legally.

This means, technically, Jeremy has five siblings, two biological and three from his adoptive family.

Andre Maclin

Jeremy’s brother Andre is the oldest sibling among the three being older than both Jeremy and Roshon Maclin.

The oldest Maclin sibling went to college and did well with his life.

Unlike Roshan, Andre does not maintain a social account, showcasing his private nature. He guards his whereabouts and personal life closely, veiling them in secrecy.

Jeremy and brother Roshan enjoy night out
Jeremy And Brother Roshan Enjoy Night Out (Source: Instagram)

However, on August 15, 2011, when inquiries surfaced about his brother Jeremy’s ongoing health condition and prolonged absence from training camp, Andre chose to step into the limelight.

He voiced reassurances on behalf of his brother, demonstrating that, despite his inclination for privacy, Andre is a loving and supportive brother.

While he may not actively seek the spotlight, he is willing to break barriers when it comes to advocating for his brother’s well-being.

Roshon Maclin

Jeremy’s older brother, Andre Maclin, is the middle child of his parents.

Andre is a married man and a father of four kids. His firstborn child is Rolen, followed by twins, AJ and MJ, and then Donovan.

Jeremy Maclin Shows off his jersey
Jeremy Maclin Shows Off His Jersey (Source: Instagram)

According to KWJFL, Roshon serves as the president of the Kirkwood Junior Football League.

Additionally, he is an animal lover and has a dog named Kyzer. Upholding the family’s athletic tradition, Roshon is actively involved as a coach.

The brothers share a close-knit bond and consistently show support for one another, as evident from their interactions on Instagram.


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