Who Is Angelica Davidson? Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson Wife

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People admire General Manager Kyle Davidson and his wife. Furthermore, after Kyle shared his wife’s humorous side, fans saw them as an adorable couple.

After Kyle was named the GM, his wife mockingly said that she was the GM at their house.

Angelica and Kyle have been together for a while now. They dated for several years before tying the knot.

Moreover, the beautiful couple are proud parents to an adorable baby girl named Willa Davidson.

Kyle Davidson The Blackhawks GM
Kyle Davidson The Blackhawks GM (Source: Chicago Sun Times)

Kyle Davidson was born on July 1, 1988, to Joe Davidson and Betty Davidson in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Davidson earned a bachelor’s degree in Sports Administration from Laurentian University.

Upon graduating in 2009, he started working for the Ottawa Senators (NHL) in their supporter relations department.

He played a crucial role in the administration of the ice hockey organization between 2012 and 2018.

After serving for several years, the Blackhawks officially appointed Kyle as their general manager on March 1, 2022, becoming the youngest GM in the NHL at the time.

Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson Wife

The General Manager Kyle Davidson is a devoted husband of his beautiful wife Angelica Davidson.

The Davidson couple seems head over heels for one another which is evident from his frequent mention of his wife in interviews.

During one of those interviews, Kyle shared that Angelica told him, “You might be the GM of the Chicago Blackhawks, but I’m the General Manager of this house.”

Many fans found Angelica’s statement adorable and praised the humorous side of the couple’s relationship.

Kyle Davidson And Daughter Willa Davidson
Kyle Davidson And Daughter Willa Davidson (Source: Twitter)

Their lovely marital life was added with happiness after the couple welcomed their first child, Willa Davidson, on December 27, 2022.

Moreover, Kyle expresses that the birth of Willa has brought a lot of happiness into his life.

They are extra careful with their beloved daughter, especially after the loss of their first child. Before the birth of Willa, Angelica carried Kyle’s first daughter, Emmy Davidson, in 2021.

However, during her fourth month of pregnancy, Angelica unfortunately experienced a miscarriage and lost her first child.

Kyle In Controversy

The Blackhawks are facing a significant scandal after the termination of Corey Perry as Blackhawks GM, Kyle declined to offer details into the case.

In the official statement, Kyle clarified that the decision to terminate Corey didn’t involve any family members. He labeled it as a “team incident,” stating that it did not involve Blackhawks players.

The exact nature of the allegations was not disclosed to the players, who were informed of Perry’s contract termination before the official announcement. Davidson mentioned that the players simply listened during the meeting.

Despite the challenges, Davidson conveyed confidence in the team’s ability to overcome the situation, expressing belief in the resilience of the locker room.

Kyle On Corey Incident Press Conference
Kyle On Corey Incident Press Conference (Source: NBC Sports Chicago)

But many fans remain unconvinced by his words, asserting that the Hawks have lied on several occasions. Hawks have also been accused of homophobia.

Moreover, after this incident, many individuals began dragging his wife and his daughter, Willa.

Some even went so far as to drag his deceased daughter into the controversy.

While many directed their focus on the incident, others defended his family. Many stated even if Kyle had something to do with the case, people shouldn’t drag his family into this.

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