Who Is Antonio Loiacono Brother Jack Loiacono? Meet His Parents And Family

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The professional football player for Birdwood Football Club, Antonio Loiacono, reportedly has a brother named Jack Loiacono.

Jack is grieving as his brother was declared brain dead after the intense on-field collision.

After a collision, Antonio had to be rushed immediately to the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Late Antonio Loiacono
Late Antonio Loiacono (Source: Facebook)

He was in critical condition due to a clash during the game in the final quarter of a match against Gumeracha at Gumeracha Oval in the Adelaide Hills.

On Sunday, unfortunately, the player was declared brain-dead. However, Loiacono will go on to save two lives as he was an organ donor.

The two lives he would save are of a baby boy and a 19-year-old, according to Antonio Loiacono’s brother, Jack Loiacono.

Antonio had been very passionate about football since childhood. He was going to fulfill his childhood dream and was following his passion, but tragically, his journey ended too soon.

Antonio Loiacono Brother, Jack Loiacono, And His Family

Antonio Loiacono and his brother had very good relations; they were more like best friends. Jack respected and loved Antonio very much.

According to Jack, Loiacono was a very loving, caring, and kind-natured person; wherever he went, he put a smile on everyone’s face.

Antonio Loiacono And His Brother
Antonio Loiacono And His Brother (Source: Facebook)

 “Antonio, my other half, my best friend, and the person I look up to most. Words can’t describe the pain we all feel you’re loved by so many,” Jack said on Facebook.

Antonio was playing for Birdwood Football Club, which was like a second family to him. His mother watched him play against the Gumeracha Football Club, which became his last game.

At the same time, his brother Jack was working, and his dad was in Sydney due to urgent work.

The professional football player’s untimely demise left everyone in shock. The Great Southern Football League and the Australian politician, Malinauskas, expressed their condolences via social media.

Antonio’s Injury

He was forced to give up the sport when he was 15 because he suffered several concussions. Regardless, he continued to play and follow his ambition.

A few years ago, Antonio had a pretty bad concussion, which caused vomiting and memory loss for a day or two.

Considering his previous history of concussions, he should not have continued playing the sport.

Antonio Loiacono As A Kid
Antonio Loiacono As A Kid (Source: Facebook)

During the match against the Gumeracha Football Club, Antonio suffered critical injuries from a collision in the fourth quarter.

The specialist paramedics revived Loiaconos when he was left unconscious on the field after the clash and rushed to the Hospital via helicopter. However, he did not make it.

In this tragic incident, a family lost their son and brother; in the same way, a country lost a star player, and Birdwood Football Club lost its gem.

Losing a child must have been a traumatizing experience for a family. But the footballer did a selfless deed by leaving this world, donating his organs to save two lives.

Antonio died doing the thing he loved the most, i.e., playing football.

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