Who Is Billy Jack Haynes Wife? Arrested For Murder Of His Partner

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Billy Jack Haynes, a former wrestler, was taken into custody at his Portland home this week following the death of a lady who was thought to be his wife.

Local news sources state that the event happened Thursday morning at approximately 9:52 AM when police received a call.

Billy Jack Haynes Is A Retired Professional Wrestler
Billy Jack Haynes Is A Retired Professional Wrestler (Source: Instagram)

When the police arrived, they found a woman’s body inside the house.

Haynes allegedly refused to assist the police, raising suspicions that he was armed. A tactical squad was sent to the scene as a precaution.

However, the authorities have not identified the woman who was discovered in the house.

Haynes and his wife lived at the residence, according to neighbors.

Billy Jack Arrested For Murder Of His Wife

A former WWE Superstar has been arrested for his wife’s murder. After his wife was shot, law authorities reportedly took the former superstar into custody, according to KOIN news.

The incident happened on Thursday morning, resulting in a police call at around 9:52 AM.

When they got there, the police found a dead woman inside the former wrestler’s house.

Although the identities of the victim and the person in prison have not yet been made public by the police, neighbors have reported that a former professional wrestler and his wife live at the address.

Billy Jack Haynes Arrested For Murdering His Wife
Billy Jack Haynes Arrested For Murdering His Wife (Source: Daily Star)

Jim Valley of the Wrestling Observer kind of confirmed that man was Billy Jack. While sharing news of KOIN, he tweeted, “Here is the Billy Jack Haynes story. He’s not identified by name (it’s him). 

Fans of Billy even said that it’s been more than 12 hours since you posted this, and it still is not confirmed anywhere!!!

Another User said, “This makes my heart hurt. I had heard Billy Jack has been having mental health issues for several years. It saddens me that there’s not more help available. Such a sad story for such a beloved figure.”

Another Close friend of Billy’s also shared a live stream on YouTube, Hannibal TV, mentioning the arrest and murder done by Billy Jack by shooting.

Who Is Billy Jack Haynes Wife?

The authorities have not confirmed the identity of the woman that Billy has shot. According to neighbors, Billy and his wife used to reside there, although it’s unclear if the woman was his spouse.

Billy, who is 70 years old, has had three marriages. In 1983, Billy wed Jeanie Clarke, a.k.a. Lady Blossom. Lady Blossom is a writer and former manager of professional wrestling.

Billy Jack Haynes Wife (Ex-Wife) Lady Blossom
Billy Jack Haynes Wife (Ex-Wife) Lady Blossom (Source: Wrestling Inc.)

Her most well-known roles are during her 1990–1991 stints with World Championship Wrestling and the United States Wrestling Association, two American professional wrestling outfits.

But they were only married for a year before divorcing in 1984.

In 1994, ten years after his first marriage ended, he rediscovers love and marries Rita Pena. Regretfully, they also divorced in 1999.

He eventually wed Meredith Fletcher. On the other hand, not much is known about her.

A Hannibal TV show and Billy’s buddy following the incident, he referred to Billy’s wife Jen, who was in her 80s. 

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