Who Is Cindy Trestman, Marc Trestman Wife? Two Daughters

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While Marc Trestman has garnered recognition for his strategic prowess, his wife, Cindy Trestman has played an equally significant role in supporting him throughout his career.

Trestman was recently hired back in the NFL by the Los Angeles Chargers as a Senior Offensive Assistant. 

This article takes a look into Cindy Trestman’s life while exploring her influence on Marc’s life and career. 

Marc Trestman Last Coached The Tampa Bay Vipers Of The XFL
Marc Trestman Last Coached The Tampa Bay Vipers Of The XFL (Source: Yahoo Sports)

Marc Trestman is an American/Canadian football coach, born on January 15, 1956, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His football career began from his days as a backup quarterback for the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team.

Similarly, he entered football coaching at the University of Miami while studying law, quickly rising to quarterback coach.

Trestman’s innovative offensive strategies and talent development skills led to success in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Notably, he won three Grey Cup titles in 2009, 2010, and 2017 and earned two CFL Coach of the Year awards.

Transitioning to the NFL, he served as head coach for the Chicago Bears and as the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.

As of now, Trestman has joined the Chargers’ new head coach Jim Harbaugh’s staff as a senior offensive assistant.

Meet Marc Trestman Wife: Cindy Trestman

Marc Trestman’s wife, Cindy Trestman (nee Degennaro), hails from Cleveland, Ohio. She grew up with two siblings, a brother and a sister.

In Cleveland, she first encountered her future husband, Marc Trestman. He was working with the Cleveland Browns at the time.

In light of Cindy’s interview with Peachy, Marc’s father spurred their initial interaction. It began a journey that would eventually lead to marriage and a family.

Cindy Trestman Is A Self Taught Artist
Cindy Trestman Is A Self Taught Artist (Source: Facebook)

Marc and Cindy eventually had two beautiful daughters named Chloe and Sarahanne Trestman.

Cindy took on the role of the family’s CEO because of the demands of Marc’s coaching career, which often took him away from home.

Not only did she manage the household, but she also ensured stability for their daughters and their education.

Being a coach’s wife, she was dedicated to maintaining balance and control amidst the chaos of NFL seasons.

In addition to her roles as a wife and mother, Cindy Trestman is also an active community member.

Reportedly, she volunteers to help raise awareness and funding to benefit Alzheimer’s research.

Cindy Is An Artist

Cindy Trestman, currently based in Glencoe, Illinois, is a self-taught artist. She has been actively pursuing her passion for art for the past couple of years.

According to Cindy, she finds solace and expression through painting. Her artwork can be seen on her website as well as her social media.

Her abstract acrylic pieces reflect her belief in the power of color, depth, and movement to convey positive energy and upliftment.

As a self-taught artist, Cindy embraces the freedom of expression without constraints. She also encourages others to find joy in their creative pursuits without self-doubt.

Meet Trestman’s Daughters: Sarahanne And Chloe 

Trestman’s passion for football has also influenced his daughters Sarahanne and Chloe vividly.

The Trestman daughters grew up in a household where the game was not just a profession but a way of life.

Marc Trestman With His Family
Marc Trestman With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Chloe and Sarahanne thus became super fans of Marc’s teams and were even famous for their social media celebrations.

On the other hand, Sarahanne is a fitness coach at Equinox, a luxury fitness company.
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