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Vivek Ranadive’s wife, Deborah Addicott, has been separated from the businessman for 24 years. The couple share three kids, with two having joined their father in the finance and basketball world.

Addicott and Ranadive tied the knot in 1979 and were married for two decades. As stated by their oldest son, cultural difference was one of the reasons for their separation. 

Vivek Ranadive Pictured With The Former Kings Player Jason Williams
Vivek Ranadive Pictured With The Former Kings Player Jason Williams (Source: Instagram)

The Indian-American businessman Vivek Ranadive has previously stated he had won in many areas of his life but failed in marriage.

Deborah continues to have a strong bond with her kids but has never been seen with her ex-husband since the divorce.

Earlier this year, Ranadive was rumored to be on the list of one of many gunning to buy the NHL franchise Ottawa Senators. But in the end, Michael Andlauer became the new owner of the hockey team. 

Meet Vivek Ranadivé Wife, Deborah Addicott

Vivek Ranadivé’s wife, Deborah Addicott, is a former nurse who had been living with her grandmother when she first met the businessman. Described as a sweet, gentle person by her former partner, Deborah currently runs Destiny Coyote Ranch. 

The ranch is located in Aptos Valley and was established in 2017. The former couple had met on a blind date, and the connection between the two was instant.

The couple tied the knot in 1979, not long after their first meeting. At the time, Vivek had been accepted to Havard Business School but deferred to earn enough money to attend. The couple moved to Southern California and decided to return to Boston so that Vivek could get his MBA. 

Deborah Addicott Pictured With Her Son Aneel Addicott At Her Ranch In August 2022
Deborah Addicott Pictured With Her Son Aneel Addicott At Her Ranch In August 2022 (Source: Instagram)

The couple did a lot of back and forth between the East and West Coasts. But in 1983, they finally settled in California in an apartment in Menlo Park. 

The couple went on to become parents to three kids, and it seemed as if they were living their best lives. But two decades of their companionship came to an end in 1999 after Deborah filed for divorce. 

Vivek had previously said he had a lot of hurt about his separation from his spouse. He felt he had done everything right and couldn’t pinpoint what went wrong in their marriage. 

Nonetheless, the couple has moved on in their respective lives and continues to have a great relationship with their kids. Deborah is available on Instagram with the username @destinyprayranch but has kept her handle private. 

Deborah Addicott And Her Three Kids With Vivek Ranadivé

Nicknamed “Horse Whisperer” by her eldest son, Aneel, Deborah Addicott shares three kids with her ex-partner. 

The couple’s first child, Annel Ranadive, was born in 1984. Aneel was only a teenager when his parents split, but shares a strong connection with both.

He frequently features his mother on his Instagram, and earlier this year, he shared a selfie with his mom in Golden Beach, Florida. A graduate of Columbia University with a Mathematics degree, Aneel is currently a managing partner at Soma Capital. 

Aneel Ranadive Pictured Earlier This Year During His Trip To Toronto, Canada
Aneel Ranadive Pictured Earlier This Year During His Trip To Toronto, Canada (Source: Instagram)

Aneel has been featured in Forbes’ Midas Seed List, and his investment portfolio contains the likes of Rappi, Cruise, Lendup, Embarktrucks, and Astranis. 

As per Crunchbase, Aneel’s portfolio crosses over $6 billion in total enterprise value. Previously, when asked about his parents’ separation, Aneel said cultural differences could’ve been one of the main reasons.

He said his mother had always been a free spirit, and his dad was on the opposite side and always focused on work. 

Anjali Ranadivé Manages Stockton Kings

Born on September 15, 1992, Anjali Ranadive is the youngest child of Deborah and Vivek. Before joining her father in the basketball community, Anjali previously worked in the music industry. 

The graduate of Cal-Berkeley, Anjali, previously released a song with the American rapper Tyga. She used to go by the stage name Anjali World. But unfortunately, her music career never took off.

Anjali has previously worked with organizations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Yggdrasil Wildlife Center. She also won the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s 2015 Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award.

Vivek Ranadive Pictured With His Daughter Anjali Ranadive Courtside At Golden 1 Center
Vivek Ranadive Pictured With His Daughter Anjali Ranadive Courtside At Golden 1 Center (Source: X)

The 30-year-old joined the G League side Stockton Kings as the new Assistant General Manager in 2022. The only daughter of Vivek Ranadivé works under the Stockton Kings general manager Paul Johnson. 

On social media, Anjali is available with the username “Nani,” which means grandmother in Hindi. Anjali chose the stage name “Nani” because she has always cherished having older people in her life. 

Deborah and Vivek have a second son named Andre Ranadive. After lettering on the basketball team as a senior in high school, Andre chose to serve in the US Army. Unlike his two siblings, Andre has kept a low-key profile. 

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