Who Is Kathy Penske, Roger Penske Wife? Age And Wikipedia

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Kathy Penske is the wife of famous businessman Roger Penske. In addition, standing beside Roger throughout, she has become an integral part of her husband’s ventures.

Most of us know Roger Penske as a billionaire and the head of Team Penske of the racing empire. But do we know of his wife, Kathy, a constant figure in Roger’s life?

Let’s find out more about the sweetheart of the racing mogul. But first, here’s a brief overview of Roger Penske.

Roger Penske With His Wife Kathy Penske
Roger Penske With His Wife Kathy Penske (Source: Thrill NG)

Roger Searle Penske is a 87-year-old businessman and investor from Shaker Heights, Ohio. In his early years, Roger was an auto racing driver.

Penske has built his business empire in and around the racing industry. He owns Team Penske, a racing organization that competes in the IndyCar, NASCAR, IMSA, and FIA Championships.

Additionally, he is the leading figure of Penske Corporation and its subsidiary Penske Entertainment. He owns the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the auto racing sanctioning body, IndyCar.

Although he has become a huge authoritative figure today, Roger started from humble beginnings. When he was a teenager, he would buy older cars and sell them after repair.

Moreover, this interest in cars led to him becoming a professional racer. Penske competed in prestigious competitions like the F1 Grand Prix and NASCAR.

However, most of Roger’s success came from ownership ventures. Today, he is the most accomplished owner, with 19 victories in the Indianapolis 500.

Kathy Penske, Roger Penske Wife? Age And Wikipedia

Kathy Penske (nee Deon Hulbert) was born on June 1, 1947, in the United States of America, to parents Robinson and Cark A. Hulbert. She grew up alongside her siblings, Joann, Steven, and David Hulbert.

Much of her early life is a secret, however, we do know her father, Robinson, was in the army, in particular, a navy pilot during World War II.

Eventually, Kathy earned her recognition after her marriage by becoming the wife of Roger Penske. Nonetheless, some reports suggest she was a financial expert before.

Today, Kathy holds a fair amount of shares in her husband’s companies. In addition, she has built her brand as a businesswoman and a philanthropist.

Roger And Kathy: Married Life And Kids

Just like his professional career, Roger also has a diverse personal life. The businessman has married twice in his lifetime and has 5 children.

With his first wife, Lissa Stouffer, he shares two children. Unfortunately, we do not know much about this relationship as most of the information is discreet.

Eventually, in 1973, on August 3, he shared his wedding vows with his current wife, Kathy Hulbert. They have been together for 50-years now and deserve the credit for building a strong family.

The couple shares 3 children, who have gone on to become successful in their respective fields.

More On The Penske Kids

From his previous marriage, Roger has two kids, and with Kathy, he has three. From both marriages, he welcomed five kids: Roger Penske Jr, Blair Penske (the only daughter of the household), Mark, Gregory, and Jay Penske.

All the kids have grown up and are happily settling with their families. However, we have to talk about a few of them.

Jay Penske, One of The Sons Of Roger Penske
Jay Penske, One of The Sons Of Roger Penske (Source: NY Post)

The Penske brothers are walking in their father’s shadows and are dedicated to their entrepreneurial journey. Jay Penske is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Penske Media Corporation.

Likewise, Mark and Greg Penske are in the line of Penske Entertainment and Engine Gathering.


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