Who Is Kerry Blackshear Jr, Kenan Blackshear Brother? Age-Gap

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Kenan Blackshear and his brother Kerry Blackshear Jr. have emerged as standout figures in basketball.

Kenan Blackshear is making waves as a collegiate basketball player, proudly representing the Wolf Pack Athletics.

In parallel, Kerry Blackshear Jr. has made a mark as a prominent American professional basketball player, contributing to the Hiroshima Dragonflies.

Kenan Blackshear Was Named the All-Mountain West Defensive Team
Kenan Blackshear Was Named the All-Mountain West Defensive Team (Source: Instagram)

The Blackshear brothers hail from a sports-centric lineage, nurtured by parents deeply passionate about basketball.

Their father, Kerry Blackshear Sr., made a lasting impact on the college basketball scene at Stetson.

He secured his place as the second-leading scorer in program history and earned the prestigious title of the 1994–95 Atlantic Sun Player of the Year.

Following his collegiate success, Kerry Blackshear Sr. continued his basketball journey into the professional realm.

Complementing this legacy, their mother, Lamilia Ford Blackshear, carved her mark as the third-leading rebounder for the Stetson women’s basketball team, showcasing the family’s innate connection to the sport.

Carrying the torch forward, Kerry Blackshear Jr. distinguished himself in college basketball, showcasing his talents in the competitive B.League.

Recognized as a four-star prospect in the 2015 class, he secured impressive rankings, standing as the 25th-ranked power forward and the 88th overall player according to 247Sports.

Blackshear Ballers: A Legacy of Three Siblings

The Blackshear family boasts three siblings who have all left their mark on the court.

At the helm is Kerry Blackshear Jr., the eldest among the trio, followed by their sister, Kayla, and the youngest, Kenan Blackshear.

Kerry Blackshear Jr., born on January 28, 1997, has carved a remarkable path in basketball.

As of now, he is 27 years old, showcasing a career that has spanned several years.

Following her brother’s footsteps, Kayla Blackshear impacted the basketball scene, playing for Alabama and Georgia Tech.

Kenan Blackshear With His Brother, Sister, And Father
Kenan Blackshear With His Brother, Sister, And Father (Source: Instagram)

The tale takes an intriguing turn with the youngest sibling, Kenan Blackshear.

Born on May 30, Kenan is the family’s late bloomer, but an air of mystery surrounds his age due to the absence of public information regarding his birth year.

This enigma adds an element of curiosity to the Blackshear family narrative, leaving fans and followers guessing about the age gap between the brothers.

Kenan Blackshear Wikipedia

Blackshear’s basketball roots run deep, emanating from a family legacy where both his parents earned esteemed positions in the Stetson Hall of Fame for their outstanding basketball careers.

Embracing this rich heritage, Kenan has flourished in his collegiate basketball journey, making significant contributions to the Nevada Wolf Pack.

After transferring from Florida Atlantic, Blackshear seamlessly integrated into the Nevada lineup.

His imposing 6-6 stature and robust physical presence afford Nevada many offensive advantages.

Kenan Blackshear Clicked At West Orlando Florida
Kenan Blackshear Clicked At West Orlando, Florida (Source: Instagram)

Blackshear’s basketball odyssey began at Jones High School, where he laid the foundation for his promising career.

He made a notable impact when he transitioned to Florida Atlantic University for his first and second years.

In his inaugural season, he graced the court in 31 games, securing 10 starts.

The following year, he featured in 20 out of 22 team games, boasting an average of 23.6 minutes per game.

Kenan Blackshear’s journey is a testament to his dedication and skill, reflecting the enduring legacy of his basketball lineage.

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