Who is Marsellos Wilder Girlfriend? Did She Cheat With Brother Deontay Wilder?

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Marsellos Wilder recently took to his social media platforms to expose a deeply rooted family drama involving his girlfriend and older brother, Deontay Wilder.

The first American world heavyweight champion finds himself at the center of a scandalous affair that extends beyond a singular incident.

Marsellos publicly disclosed that his girlfriend, Deontay Wilder, betrayed him with his flesh and blood.

Deontay Wilder Is A Popular American Boxer
Deontay Wilder Is A Popular American Boxer (Source: Instagram)

Deontay Leshun Wilder is an American boxer who held the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title from 2015 to 2020.

This marked him as the first American who won in that category in over ten years.

He started boxing at 20 and won a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympics.

This earned him the nickname “The Bronze Bomber” after the legendary Joe Louis, also known as “The Brown Bomber.”

Likewise, The Bronze Bomber’s impressive record includes knocking out every opponent he has faced.

His record is an astonishing 97.67% knockout-to-win ratio, and almost half of his knockouts happened in the first round.

Wilder also received many awards for his knockout performances, including three Premier Boxing Champions Knockout of the Year awards and one Ring magazine Knockout of the Year award.

Who is Marsellos Wilder Girlfriend?

Marsellos Wilder’s girlfriend remains an enigma, her identity shrouded in mystery.

While unverified sources suggest her name may be Chelsea, confirmation is still pending.

Marsellos Wilder Exposed His Brother And Girlfriend
Marsellos Wilder Exposed His Brother And Girlfriend Through A Note (Source: Instagram)

She has chosen to keep a low-key profile, steering clear of public appearances and abstaining from revealing her identity on social media.

Keeping privacy aside, this is not the first time Deontay has been involved in such an incident.

In a noteworthy revelation on Instagram, Marsellos Wilder exposed a past incident where his girlfriend allegedly cheated on him with his elder brother, Deontay Wilder.

Did Marsellos’ Girlfriend Cheat With Brother Deontay Wilder?

Marsellos Wilder publicly disclosed that his girlfriend betrayed him with none other than his older brother, Deontay Wilder—a revelation he didn’t shy away from sharing on multiple occasions through his social media channels.

The complexity of their strained relationship goes beyond a singular incident.

It’s been reported that Deontay has also allegedly been involved with Marsellos’ former partners.

Despite being bound by blood, the brothers are entangled in a toxic relationship.

The notable silence from Deontay, the first American world heavyweight champion, regarding the accusations is conspicuous.

His reluctance to address the matter suggests a possible acknowledgment of his missteps involving his younger brother’s relationships.

Marsellos Wilder Is A Rising American Boxer
Marsellos Wilder Is A Rising American Boxer (Source: Instagram)

Surprisingly, the controversy has yet to spark extensive discussions, leaving room for the narrative to unfold in unforeseen ways.

The unfolding drama might take unexpected turns in the days to come.

While the matter hasn’t garnered official confirmation, Marsellos rekindled the flames by reposting the news on January 15th, fueling discussions on various social media platforms, including Reddit.

Although the rumor mill is buzzing, an official resolution or clarification remains elusive.

Online discussions are eagerly awaiting the story’s unfolding as its evolution continues to captivate users’ attention.



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