Who Is Marvin Lewis Jones Sr? Marvin Jones Jr Father

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Marvin Jones Jr feels fortunate to have his father guide him throughout his life. Marvin Sr. gave the athlete all the necessary tools to flourish in his life.

Former Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones has maintained a professional career up to this point. 

Moreover, he believes this is because of the blessings of his father. Marvin Sr. instilled values and morals in his son from an early age.

NFL Athlete Marvin Jones Jr.
NFL Athlete Marvin Jones Jr. (Source: Instagram)

Marvin Lewis Jones Jr. is a 34-year-old professional football player from Long Beach, California. He plays wide receiver and has been in the NFL since 2012.

Jones attended Etiwanda High School and led his team to the Baseline League championship as a senior. In addition, the veteran is his high school’s all-time leading receiver.

Eventually, Marvin joined the University of California, Berkley to pursue his dreams further. His impressive and consistent performances earned him an honorable mention among the All-Pac-12.

Jones’s NFL career began with the Cincinnati Bengals where he played for 3 years. Then he joined the Detroit Lions in 2016 and at one point led the team in receiving touchdowns and yards.

In 2021, the wide receiver opted for a transfer and went to Jacksonville Jaguars, where he couldn’t make a significant impact. Subsequently, Jones returned to the Lions on a 3 million contract, in 2023.

Who Is The Father of Marvin Jones Jr?

Marvin Jones Jr. is the son of Marvin Lewis Jones Sr, and the athlete feels very grateful to have such a figure in his life.

Marvin Jones With His Dad
Marvin Jones With His Dad (Source: Instagram)

Although we do not have concrete details on senior Marvin’s life, career, and other activities we can assure he has been a positive force in his son’s life.

Moreover, through extensive research, we have drawn out some details on Marvin Sr and his early days.

Marvin Sr. Was He Also An Athlete?

The Jones family has some secrets in their genes, as most are pretty impressive athletes. Marvin’s sister Vanessa won the Pac-12 400-meter championship during her college years.

While Marvin’s father was apparently also an athlete in his young days, he was particularly into bodybuilding and wrestling.

As per one Instagram comment, Marvin Sr. was a very fine athlete, in fact, the best in the class.

Moreover, witnessing his pictures from his younger days, he was a muscular guy with an immensely fit body.

More On Marvin Jones Sr.

The NFL athlete’s dad was an impressive figure, besides being an athlete was involved in other aspects of life.

We can find out from Marvin’s old Instagram posts that his father was also a college graduate. Although we don’t know the details of his discipline he made an impression on his kids, that education is a must.

In addition, he is also a religious man, we can see him wearing a reverend’s outfit, following his faith devoutly.

Marvin Jones Jr: Father of Six

Marvin having learned the most important aspects of fatherhood from his dad has welcomed 6 kids into his life.

Marvin's Kids
Marvin’s Kids (Source: Instagram)

With his wife Jazmyn, the couple make a grand family. His kids’ names are Marvin III, Mareon, Murrell, Mya, Marlo, and Mila.

Jones’s oldest son Marvin III is already a football player for the Dons.

Unfortunately, Marvin’s youngest son, Marlo is no more. He died back in 2019.










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