Who Is Paul Thijssen? Sport Coach Parents And Family

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A young hockey coach named Paul Thijssen is making news headlines in Australia for his alleged involvement in the death of a young woman named Lilie James.

The authorities reportedly found Lilie dead in the gymnasium bathroom at St. Andrews Cathedral School in Sydney on October 25, Wednesday. Following this, Paul went missing, which prompted the police to start a hunt for Thijssen.

Both Paul and Lilie had been working as sports coaches at St. Andrews. While Paul coached hockey, Lilie worked as a water polo coach at the institution.

St. Andrews Cathedral School's Hockey Coach And Suspected Murderer Paul Thijssen
St. Andrews Cathedral School’s Hockey Coach And Suspected Murderer Paul Thijssen (Source: Daily Telegraph)

The news of Lilie James’ murder has shocked the entire Sydney CBD area, and the locals are demanding the police carry out the investigations thoroughly and punish the culprit as soon as possible.

Similarly, Lilie’s family released a statement on Friday remembering her as a vibrant, outgoing, and much-loved person.

The statement read, “We are devastated and heartbroken by the loss of our beautiful Lilie James. We are tremendously grateful for the support of our community at this difficult time.”

They further clarified that they would not be providing more comments while the police investigation occurred.

Who Is Paul Thijssen?

Sport Coach Parents And Family

Paul Thijssen is a suspected murderer and young hockey coach at St. Andrew’s Cathedral School in Sydney, Australia.

Currently, in his mid-twenties, Paul is a Dutch citizen born to an affluent family in the Nederlands. However, he had moved to Sydney from his native country in 2015. 

Paul Thijssen
Paul Thijssen (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Although little information about his parents is available, they are influential business executives. As per Daily Mail, Thijssen’s parents often travel back and forth between Australia and the Nederlands for work purposes.

Speaking more of Paul, he is a former student of St. Andrew’s Cathedral School. He joined the school soon after moving to Australia around 2015 and graduated in 2017.

A talented hockey player and former captain, Thijssen was competitive and competent. Aside from hockey, he was also excellent in cricket, because of which the school hired him as their sports assistant for both games in 2020.

New Update On Lilie James’ Murder Case

In a recent new development following Lilie James’ murder on Wednesday night, the Sydney police found a body at the cliff base in Vaucluse, Sydney.

The police on a search for Paul Thijssen reportedly ran to the site after the construction workers informed them about the body, which they recovered after hours of challenging work in the presence of strong winds.

Lilie James
Lilie James (Source: news. com. au)

As per the police spokeswoman, they have not yet confirmed whether the body was that of Paul Thijssen. However, they found some of Thijssen’s belongings near The Gap, an infamous suicide spot in Vaucluse.

Previously, Thijssen had called the police to inform them about the incident and asked them to investigate. However, he strangely went missing after that.

As per The Daily Telegraph, the pair was in a relationship for around five weeks, but they had broken up only a few days before Wednesday’s incident. 

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